Yes, as exclusively predicted by Pubmeister in the last post, IT’S THORNGUMBALD !

I know these posts from places you’ve never been to or will ever go to are a harder sell than Manchester or Maidenhead, and to be frank (not Sidebottom) this looked the dullest place on Humberside.

To be fair, nearby Fort Paull remains unvisited, but no doubt they’ll be a micro to tempt me there soon.


So here’s a more interesting house I noticed just as the bus left Patrington.  You get 10 points for identifying the famous American painter this reminded me of.

Possibly not an art piec

By contrast, Thorngumbald is like an appendage to Hedon, less interesting than it sounds.  At least Hedon gave me a good pun, though reading that post now I remember how “challenging” the beer was. And they all stared at me.


They didn’t stare at the New Royal Mail, but then they probably hadn’t seen me walking past it twice wondering why the GBG app was directing me into Changes Hair Salon. There is one hairdresser for every eighteen people in East Yorkshire.

Seems the pub has taken over the sorting office and left the frontage to a café and hairdressers or something.  Excellent idea, if not quite Gallaghers in Birkenhead.


Quite a compact little space that  would feel crowded if Thorgumbald Terriers FC and Hedon Hotspur FC  both turned up at the same time, but with half a dozen wandering in and out it was perfect.

Great use of wall seating.

In Hull Tigers colours, too

And a soundtrack of “Bette Davis Eyes” and KC’sGive It Up” is more than you can dream of on a Wednesday night in the suburbs of Hull.

Pictures of historic Thorngumbald

Sadly, my picture of the scene at the bar is contaminated by a schoolboy in the background playing Fortnite on his phone.  While I love to see children in pubs, rules are rules (and those stickers some folk put over people’s faces are just daft).

As Si noted, as far from the Herne Rules as you can go.

Awful photo. I was clearly nervous
Craft beers for Humber kids

Two blokes on Carling, a schoolboy on J20, a barmaid confused by a vibrating phone. Just a typical village pub then, certainly not a “CAMRA” pub. Hoorah for that.

BRAPA was here before Christmas, and thought it was a reet proper boozer, as they say in Saffron Walden.

So did I, though I didn’t think as much of the Sleck Dust (“but it’s from an independent brewery, not Big Beer !”). Certainly not off, just lacking the condition you get when you open at 11am instead of 4pm and sell a hundred pints an hour.


So I sneaked out into the rather attractive garden (not as good as my Dad’s, as Dick and Dave will know).

They’re chrysanthemums, aren’t they Dad ?

And, well, you know what comes next.


NB If BRAPA had seen me burn my finger extracting a beermat from below the burning candle he’d have put it in his blog.

As I say, sometimes a pub is better than the beer. And vice versa.  Deal with it.


      1. If you’ll indulge me with a post-within-a-post, I was hit by a bit of “now where have I seen that before?” myself lately, and got an apparent result.
        Listeners to John Peel in the 1970s and 1980s may remember the serialised Rawlinson End, narrated by, and musically scored by the late Vivian Stanshall. It was made into a film, starring the late Trevor Howard in 1980. The opening shot features the pub, the Fool And Bladder, which features throughout.
        On You Tube, the comments showed people keen to know whether it was real, and if so, what it was. One of the workers on the film posted, to say that he could not remember the exact name or location, but that it was indeed a real pub.
        Here’s the film:
        After quite some research of the area, I lighted on this. It’s the Elephant and Castle at Wheathampstead, Herts:,-0.3077462,3a,37.5y,296.11h,93.34t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sVyX3rgT5pHl290nYVffynw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
        It seems to be a nice pub, and still going strong.
        I wonder if there’s a sub-category of tickers, who specialise in ones which have appeared in films? Have a hug if so.

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      2. Well, so far, on my view, that comment is not at all in the format in which I posted!

        The film is missing, but there’s a space for it, and the other link is inactive. All the layout is different too. Has this site changed its permissions, do you know, Martin?

        Videos and links were quite a jolly addition once.


      3. Weird. If I click in the big empty space, then the film appears. The other link doesn’t appear as one, but also works. I wonder what others see on this page?


  1. Sleck Dust can be nice drink, in fact Great Heck are decent all round, without being anything exceptional. Back to that small place, too many beers. And why put something out of the Marston’s portfolio on in a micro FFS?

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  2. I was going to say Jasper Johns.
    I confess I have never been a big fan of Bette Davis Eyes, partly because it got so overplayed back in its day that familiarity has bred a bit of contempt; also I’ve got to deduct a lot of points for attempting to rhyme “precocious” with “pro blush.” 🙂


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