Enough of pub toilets.  For a while.

The Good Beer Guide giveth.  The Good Beer Guide taketh.  This is particularly true of the new GBG pubs in Greater Manchester.  So after a rare trip to the hitherto unknown Dukinfield out east last month, an even rarer trip west of the M60 to Cadishead. Why this counts as a Salford suburb rather than a village in its own right I can’t guess.

It’s a part of the world I tend to avoid due to the likelihood of chancing upon footballers from Stretford in Carrington, or stray woolybacks*.  The chance of spotting traffic on the Manchester Ship Canal isn’t really a draw.

See the source image

I rather suspected it would take a micropub to get Irlam or Cadishead into the Guide, but I was glad of the excuse to visit a quiet High Street with some impressive street art.


A series of panels serve as an informal social history museum.  For a sense of the modern suburb, a ten minute walk along Liverpool Road throws up three pubs, three clubs, umpteen takeaways and a car parts shop called Awesome.  I could have guessed all of those.


I could have guessed what the Grocers would look like too, and that the beer from Brightside would be NBSS 3 and cost about £3 (£2.80 from memory). It was busy and buzzy and clearly just what Cadishead needed.

Bench seating, friendly Salfordians, cheap decent beer; what more could you want ?  Only somewhere to hide, but that’s not why you go to micropubs is it ? (see here)


* I used to work with one and he was proud of the term, oddly enough.  I hope it doesn’t get me banned from St Helens as I still have a pub to do there.

Five points for connecting the post title to the place.

18 thoughts on “CADISHEAD CALLING

  1. My understanding has always been that “woollyback” is the generic term for anyone from the areas surrounding Liverpool. In my youth there used to be gang fights in Runcorn between Scousers from the New Town and Woollybacks from the old town. I was always safely tucked up in bed, of course.


  2. The post title contains ‘Cadishead’ which is also the name of the place. A very lazily obtained 5 points please.

    I will now have to research whether the destination blind samples are from a tram or bus.


      1. My first reaction to 1979 is that is the year that the lover of children who drink milk Margaret Hilda Thatcher became prime minister. Said woman was the daughter of a green grocer, which I imagine from the name and style of the public house is said buildings former use. I’m going to propose that the Tories winning the Cadishead seat is the one that tipped the Tories to victory.


      2. … calling is the phrase often used when some twit or other is introducing themselves to Wogan before reading out their country’s scores for the Eurovision least hated country contest. The ice age is coming will be some song lyric by some musical act who happened to come from Cadishead.


      1. I dispute that; There are plenty of facts still. Ehab Allam is a twerp, nuclear bombs go forwards as well as backwards. Kingston upon Hull is a City of Culture.

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    1. There is a weird connection though, Allo Allo had messages sent to the resistance that always began “London Calling” and Gorden started his career in the NW with his first real TV role in Corris, which is set in a Manc suburb which is based on Salford. Said it was tenuous!


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