A sedate start to our evening in Doncaster, though emerging from the Alehouse we were alerted to a couple snogging (polite term) up in the scaffolding above the market place. Never change, Donny.


So what cultural diversions does this capital of Yorkshire hedonism offer the intrepid traveller.


Well, mint Prosecco for a start.

Mint, as they say in Manchester

I’d forgotten, or blocked out, the strip of clubs along Lazarus Court. There was no way those bouncers were letting scruffs like us in.

We would have watched “Peterloo” but the multiplex seems to have moved out to Lakeside, and the flashy new theatre was obviously just for show.

Sir Nigel Gresley woz ere

So we wandered, admiring the architecture (perhaps the only people doing that),


and wondering what the mysterious “Spreadlove” was all about.


Oh look” said Mrs RM. “Tut ‘n’ Shive. I remember them“.

Last of its kind ?

Well that was in Hitchin, 20 years ago. Donny’s Tut is surely a solitary survivor of this much-loved brand. Well done, Greene King, for protecting our pub heritage.

It used to be GBG, and still has a decent range of cask at £3 a pint.

Moonshine in hiding

Obviously we had to have the ’80s pop one in honour of Mark. Cool and decent enough.

One for Depeche Mode fans

It’s a corking pub for all ages, at least on a Saturday night, the sort you get in Gosforth or Wakefield. Students avoiding the sick pools of Hall Gate, Old Boys enjoying “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” (the song, obvs) and Stone Roses at decent volumes, a good buzz.

Then it all went a bit blurry.


Ah, that’s better. For the second week in a row, my Saturday night saw grown men arguing over ELO on the jukebox (“Mr Blue Sky“). When did ELO become acceptable ?

There’s a choice of Spoons in Donny. I thought the Gate House would be the liveliest, being tucked down another alley used as an informal latrine.

But “wow” say my notes. It was just scruffy and wonderful, full of real people. A bit like the party central in Winchester without the inflatable dick.

And folk having earnest career discussions.


Mrs RM and I shared the salted caramel cookie dough and four coffees.

By this time it was gone 9.30pm and Matt’s gig had only just started. In fact, he’d left the venue to get a coke and had to get a member of the band to help him back in the venue as he was under 18. So we were in for a late one.

Round the corner from Vintage Rock Bar, the Queen Crafthouse offered craft and a covers band only playing Sheffield music. Hoorah !

We were on lemonade by now

How many Sheffield musicians can you name that a three piece can cover ?

Anyway, this was people dancing to Pulp at 11.15pm.


Matt would have been horrified. His night of post-hardcore metal finished at 11.15pm. Hopefully he’ll have learnt his lesson about “Doors Open” times.

20 thoughts on “TUT ‘N’ SHIVE

  1. “we were alerted to a couple snogging”
    Were they being loud? Did a version of Angry Babe point them out? Maybe a heads up by Twitter? 🙂
    “Well, mint Prosecco for a start.”
    Ugh. Definitely hedonistic in my books.
    “the strip of clubs along Lazarus Court”
    I read that as ‘strip clubs’. Am I wrong?
    “One for Depeche Mode fans”
    The Rubik’s Cube sold me.
    But rather bereft of lacings.
    “without the inflatable dick.”
    For what it’s worth most dicks are inflatable… until they reach 70 (or so I hear).
    “We were on lemonade by now”
    And I see the Prosecco mint has snuck into one of the beers.
    “Hopefully he’ll have learnt his lesson about “Doors Open” times.”
    The saying ‘they’ll never learn’ comes to mind. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They belong in the same lexicon as tap ‘n’ spile, Richard. They are various kinds of bungs and breathers hammered into wooden casks, according to clever people found by Google.


      1. Nearly, the Shive is the bung in the bung hole of a cask, the Tut is the hole with the plug in the bung hole that you knock through into the cask when you vent it. When you’ve vented it you put a spile in it.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, I read that too Richard, just couldn’t be bothered to write it all again. If you knew, then why did you ask though?


  2. Love the ,ale grooming place – I saw a similar place to this but for ladies in Whitstable -must be an up & coming trend .Donny leads the way !


      1. But when you return on the publication of the 2020 GBG will you remember to find out if it’s grooming OF males or grooming BY males ?
        The opening hours of 9.30am to 6pm suggest it’s somewhere to go when the nightclubs are closed.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Terrific! Is that you dancing in the final pic with a slightly lifted foot??? ELO became acceptable when they released Mr Blue Sky and Jasper Carrot and Trevor Francis both liked them! A pint of Depeche Mode – was it any good?
    Surely they covered Heaven 17, Arctic Monkeys, Human League and Joe Cocker? On a loop..


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