Greater love hath no man than this; that he would give up his own ticking time to drive his friends around the pubs of the western Home Counties

At least “psychological support“* was provided as the trips came dangerously close to both Aylesbury and Maidenhead.

Another tremendous day for being retired. This was the view from Waterbeach at 7.30am as I walked to Milton Tesco to await the RAC man (long story).


And this was the approximate route on Day 1.  Note how the shape closely resembles the wings of the famed “Pubmeister” moth;

Or is it a bat ?

You’re not getting much insight into the pubs on this trip, which mainly consisted of me aiming to minimise parking charges in Buckinghamshire towns while Duncan popped in for a half, an anecdote, and a comfort break.

But, having paid 50p for half an hour in High Wycombe (frankly a life sentence) I took this shot from the top floor of the Mad Squirrel, where Duncan seemed determined to taste the weirdest sour on the beer board.

Yer craft
My art shot

I’d been tempted to call this post “Pubmeister Bucks Up” as a tribute to both Duncan completing that vicious county and a his erroneous re-visit to Askett.

But Duncan’s crack lawyers in Grimsby have issued me a “Cease and desist” notice and I’m very much aware of the need to avoid bankruptcy.

Anyway, I DID detour via Askett, and it turned out to be a highlight of our eternal autumn as the Chilterns revealed their golden glories.

Look closely and you’ll see Chequers at the top
Looks like a Prime Minister’s pub door
Duncan gets his tick

Now the Three Crowns has been in the Guide before, but they’ve added a lone handpump in the old stables, which somehow counts as a micropub in Bucks terms.

Not your usual micro pub;

Duncan and I reduce the average age by 27.5 years

Four gentlefolk drinking (excellent) coffee, and I joined them as Duncan enjoyed the lone Chiltern Ale.

Don’t think that’s murk

Oddly, it was wonderful. The recently widowed lady behind the bar was running the little bar because she enjoyed it, and regaled us with tales of proper pubs.  She even took Duncan through to the main bar for a half of the beer reserved for diners (sadly, zero of them).

We pressed on to Stone, where I left the Pubmeister to his homebrew and Carribbean vibes as I enjoyed the bucolic views over to mid-Bucks.

Southern skies

Not much pub banter in evidence, except in my Aygo on the way into Oxfordshire and tiny Beckley, which I’d never heard of and will never hear of again.

Magnificent English skies
Ah, very Oxon

The Abingdon Arms was bought by the locals in 2016 to preserve the pub for a local community of pashmina-wearers keen on having a “self-proclaimed gastropub”.  I had a sip of Duncan’s West Berks beer (decent) and those funny little beans that aren’t as good as scratchings.

What are they called ?

Pleasingly, it had an outside loo,

Don’t see them often round here

and more lovely views.

Lovely, that is, if you’re tall enough to see over the fence

Last stop, Bicester, and another Mann’s sign, I think.

Clouding over the Bell

Every Bicester pub must get in the Guide at some time, and this year it’s the turn of the Angel.  The homebrew may or may not be a factor.

Foaming suds
Emergency phone

A typically decent stone-built Oxon pub with unpretentious furnishings and average beer.

Nothing average about our last stop.

Nash’s bakery

The formerly confident shop assistant in Nash’s Bakery suddenly realised she couldn’t actually add up three items in her head, and the lack of till receipt paper caused a meltdown of epic proportions.

The cause of the problem

It was prime BRAPA, as the kidz say.  Whether it will feature in Pubmeister’s own blog is harder to say.


*A cheering tale about incontinence pads.


23 thoughts on “CHAUFFEUR TO THE STARS

    1. Spare a thought for those of us given the wrong pension advice, and still grafting away, whilst you lot go gallivanting around the countryside!


  1. Did I see two tables, either unvarnished, or, if the varnish had worn off, then it had not been replaced?

    Things are looking up.

    Also, it’s nice to see “tremendous” making a return, after being banned by broadcasters, for its overuse by their football commentators.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was only thinking this morning as I waited for Sam The Lad to service and fire up our Aga ( November 21st,the latest ever.Climate change etc ),that wallet is a wonderful word.
      Especially if it’s preceded by moleskin.
      Moleskin wallet.There’s something very comforting it.I dunno why.There just is.
      Like the word burgundy.Well,that was before Ron Burgundy obviously.
      Those beers certainly look in good condition but only okay average you say ?


      1. Bedazzled as I always am by RM’s blog and photos…..happy that he’s leading the life I haven’t quite got around to yet…..and now somewhat charmed to hear that the inestimable Prof employs someone just to fire up his Aga…… where did I go wrong?!!

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Yes Raymondo, just remember when you’re next jealous of me (and I was buying unrelated old folks their incontinence pads today so it’s not all fun being retired), who owns the Aga. Obviously I employ people just to sharpen my marker pens.

        Liked by 2 people

  2. Hugely grateful to you and your expert service. To be fair to Askett, the main bar was actually closed at the time. Preparing a bloggable tribute to your efforts, just can’t find a picture of you where you’re not looking at your phone. But then I’ve only been looking for 3 days.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Beautiful sunrise and sunset photos…obviously a long day in the saddle…

    I’m trusting Pubmeister will be returning the favour and lending you his bike to get to some of those more difficult to reach Scottish pubs…?

    Pubmeister’s comment about the phone is an intriguing one – I’m just guessing but isn’t looking at your phone a defense mechanism to avoid your identity being ‘outed on fellow tickers (or people from L**ds’) photos…?


      1. Good plan….if anyone can find it Pubmeister can….
        I’d better hang on to that ‘Whitewash’ magazine in case it does turn out to be mythical…


  4. “My art shot”

    I think Banksy should be worried.

    “Look closely and you’ll see Chequers at the top”

    All I see is a bunch of boroughs rising. Was there a craft revolution in progress?

    “Duncan and I reduce the average age by 27.5 years”

    Crikey. But, good on them for getting out and about.

    “What are they called ?”

    Over here, I’d say nuggets but I don’t think that’s correct.

    “Lovely, that is, if you’re tall enough to see over the fence”

    To be fair, they don’t want folks peeking into the loo. 🙂

    “Emergency phone”

    Which people under 40 would never be able to figure out. 😉

    “The cause of the problem”

    Sigh. But, she couldn’t used her smart phone to get the total. 🙂



  5. “Ah, very Oxon” except that it was brewed in Burton when those ceramic signs were made.
    “The cause of the problem” reminds me that the Greggs opposite the Kings Head in Bristol had NO pies at about 12.35 on Friday lunchtime.


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