If you don’t blow your own trumpet (so to speak) don’t assume someone else will do it for you. Duncan IS pub ticking royalty.

It was obvious the Royal Borough of Windsor was expecting the Pubmeister and had taken precautions to prevent him being mobbed in the Corner House.

Barriers to stop the GBG groupies

Learning our lessons from St Albans, I steered Duncan towards lunch here (this was Pub No. 4 of the day as Duncan Did Berks).

It was noticeably busier than on my visit last month, with drinkers at the bar and plenty of suits.  That didn’t stop me asking the genial barman the eternal question;

Harveys. Or Salted Caramel Milk Stout. Your choice.

So, is this place really owned by Greene King ?”

Technically, yes, was the answer, but you’d never know. They may have had that Over Easy Craft IPA on keg, but no cask IPA (cue sad emoji).

We sought recommendations.

Do you drink keg ?” he asked, nervously. Duncan drinks anything.

Me waiting in the naught corner for Duncan to decide on the weirdest keg

I had a sip of Duncan’s evil keg, and enjoyed a Mudgie-friendly soundtrack of “Kyrie“, the official GBG tickers theme song.

My postbox has been full of people wishing to see pictures of Duncan completing the Safari Adventure in blue crayon and enjoying a “Vegan Bowl”.

I give my audience what they want.

See Duncan’s effort at the top
Healthy and surprisingly good, but I had a Chinese takeaway later

A second visit in quick succession here, and I think we both loved it. Perhaps Greene King should give up brewing and just own pubs (ducks).

14 thoughts on “PUB ROYALTY IN WINDSOR

  1. That Duncan is a legend, truly. Has he ever said what year it was that he officially completed the GBG for the first time? Indeed, if it were me I’d have the day and time memorized!

    When you complete the GBG, Martin (note that I didn’t say “If”), will you be the second person ever to do it?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There’s another lovely chap called Martin (he features as Maltmeister in the Isle of Man posts this summer) who is very close to completion and I hope he gets there very soon. As Simon will realise, logistical and alcohol capacity work against you as you get to the finish line. It’s a bit like that Japanese TV show where you have to clamber up greased slopes to the top !

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  2. “Duncan IS pub ticking royalty.”

    He’s not called the meister for nothing. 🙂

    “Barriers to stop the GBG groupies”

    Looks to me you’re trying to get them to queue up.

    “Harveys. Or Salted Caramel Milk Stout. Your choice.”

    Hmmm. Paul raves about Harvey’s but I think I’d have gone for the stout… and then a Harvey’s. 🙂

    “See Duncan’s effort at the top”

    I must admit that first ‘big cat’ had me stumped for a brief second. 🙂

    “Perhaps Greene King should give up brewing and just own pubs (ducks).”

    I’m guessing from the ‘duck’s you think they should own Chinese takeaways as well? 😉



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