If you’re getting bored of Sussex, spare a thought for me; I’ve spent 27% of my life in B&Bs there this year, which sounds like a BRAPA stat.

Nearly done, and Worthing never disappoints. One way or the other.

More great street art for you near the station, anyway.

Something to do with Noah landing on Worthing beach

Unless you’re a member of the “Micro Massive”, you might not know that Worthing has been taken over, Beer Guide-wise, by small pubs in the same way as Wigan.

Oh, here’s one now.


Now the problem I’m having with micros is the lottery. Not the cask ale one, beer is normally good, as in the Green Man.

It’s the reception you’ll get if you’re not a regular.

No bar, an owner interrupted from his card game,

The owner playing cards

a complex game of “guess what beers are on”,

Guess the beers

and frankly rubbish seating. Long high tables,

Oh good high tables


Oh, come off it

After looking for a chair I perched on the very end of one of the two long high tables and got a “harrumph” from two regulars as if I was invading their personal taste, and drank something pale in 53 seconds.

It was probably me, but compare this with the welcome I got in “Anchored in Worthing”.

Nice Pissoir, mind.

I thought the Corner House was a micro, too. But it’s smaller than that.

Smart, tiny, weird

Until this chap came in, nearly all the customers were female and drinking Prosecco or Punk, which made a change from the Green Man.

Oh look, more Gun.

Despite the tiny interior, everyone was dining. Simon will enjoy the dithering at the bar when “the mussels are gone“, and the worst designed Gents in the country outside Keele services.

That said, the Gun was the beer of the day, unexpectedly (NBSS 3.5). So well done Arun & Adur CAMRA.

But pubs aren’t really about beer, are they ?

Why do I suffer this ? As Marti Pellow sang in ’87 “It’s the only life I know”

20 thoughts on “WET WET WORTHING

  1. That first pub looks really grim -those chairs !!!I think too often micros are just an old farts hobby,hence the irregular opening hours & apathetic service.The Tankerton arms seemed to be run by a couple of young beardy guys who were very welcoming -we will return to this one (Prosecco for me too ! )

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  2. A micro in a former Motability shop with some old stock left behind for seating.
    That,in a nutshell,is young Martin’s idea of heaven.

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    1. I drive old ladies round on my days off (from pubs). Mainly to hospitals (don’t get old) but to Tesco as well. Get this – I get to drive the Tesco mobility scooter out of the store to where I park. This is livin’ alright !

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    1. Hang on a minute. Shouldn’t it be the old ladies on the MoScos? Or do you just leave them in a hot car while you indulge your MoSco fantasies?


      1. I’ve always wanted a mobility scooter. You’re living my dream Taylor, you enviable little man. Just run over my right leg will you so I can become eligible for a go.

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  3. Anywhere that greets you with a Marti Pellow poster is instantly located within the seven circles.

    Did you mean that everybody wearing shorts should immediately take them off?


  4. Gun Brewery beers are normally a good bet, Martin. Reliably consistent, and packed full of flavour without blowing your head off!

    We’re eagerly waiting for your Guide to Sussex Bed & Breakfast joints to be published, as there are bound to be some interesting tales to tell. There must be the odd “Fawlty Towers” type establishment amongst the places you’ve visited.

    As for your question, “Why do I suffer this ?” Surely only you can give us the answer; especially when you’ve got to do it all again next year!

    Keep up the good work though, as it’s entertaining reading whilst sitting out in the garden enjoying a nice, cool beer, or three.

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  5. “Something to do with Noah landing on Worthing beach”

    I was thinking more like ‘what if Disney and Tolkien had offspring’? 🙂

    “and got a “harrumph” from two regulars as if I was invading their personal taste, ”

    I understand in a way. It sounds like you were drinking their beers. 😉

    “Nice Pissoir, mind.”

    I think that describes the ‘atmosphere’ there perfectly.

    “Until this chap came in,”

    His combo of pink shorts and a jacket to keep his arms warm describes the Prosecco and Punk look perfectly! 🙂

    “But pubs aren’t really about beer, are they ?”

    Not just, but it should be a big part of the overall picture in my view.


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