Getting towards the end of the Sussex chapters in the Guide now, and a long-awaited return to lovely Bognor Regis, which shows you King George V and I weren’t separated at birth.

Geographical purists (which I sense is all you) will no doubt this is Middleton-on-Sea not Bognor.  Judge for yourself.  It’s a 40 minute walk from the Butlins of your nightmares (that’s my Mum’s memory of it from 1979).


You’ll be delighted to know the thing “Due to open Late 2014” was a bypass, not a micro.

Anyway, Middleton looks a smart retirement suburb, with this yacht-shaped house the pick of an attractive development.


I’d assumed the Cabin was a micro; I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Flower pots

Groups of Old Boys clearly holed up for the entire Summer (possibly lasting till October 2021) were sinking pints on purple tables in the sun and discussing oil prices, while toddlers ran around in the bar discussing stolen packets of Haribos.

At the bar I applauded the well-known beers (that’s the 3rd time I’ve seen Liberation this month) but recoiled from the pointless jam jars.

Beers you’ve heard of, or want to forget

It’s a traditional estate pub without frills but with a pleasing “lived-in” feel.


I have no idea what this toilet art is about. No doubt Russ will have a guess.

Not a Kaiser Chiefs tribute
Mind the step

There’s a bit of a social club feel despite some healthy seafood trade. It’s the sort of place you get along the Essex coast (looking at you Parkestone), which normally means some good beer.

And the Liberation, all the way from Jersey, was cool and fruity and clearly benefitted from the Doom Bar glass (NBSS 3+).


Not quite good enough to persuade me to book a holiday back at Butlins, mind.





  1. “You’ll be delighted to know the thing “Due to open Late 2014” was a bypass, not a micro.”

    I’ve always liked the name Bognor. It makes me think of upper crust folks trying to find a polite name for the crapper. 🙂

    “with this yacht-shaped house the pick of an attractive development.”

    It’s possible there is an actual boat in there that they built around. 😉

    “were sinking pints on purple tables in the sun”

    I’m assuming the blue tables for those of no royal lineage?

    “but with a pleasing “lived-in” feel.”

    With regards to the photo just below; I’m amazed they have access to a live cam of the entire country of England. Well done them!*

    “No doubt Russ will have a guess.”

    Oh that’s easy. They most likely are referring to something similar from South Park’s Season 11, Episode 9:


    * – The sign on the bar says “Watch England here on our Big Screen”. I’m guessing that means you can look around the English countryside using a satellite above as some sort of real time Google Maps. 🙂


  2. My main impression of Bognor Regis is from the latest Bill Bryson book; he was a bit grumpy about the place, but then he’s a bit grumpy about almost everything, isn’t he?

    Loved this: “while toddlers ran around in the bar discussing stolen packets of Haribos.” –a laugh-inducing use of the word “discussing”! 🙂

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  3. This is the sort of pub I would choose to sit outside on a purple table, but given the beers and not being under any GBG retraint, would unlikely turn up there in the first place.

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  4. Hmm, Hancocks HB, a classic BBB that I’ve not seen for a while 😋

    I wonder who actually brews it nowadays 🤔


      1. I’m sure there must be some national guide to well-kept beer that might help you with your pub selections. You seem to have been tipping a fair few away recently 😉


  5. George V’s last words were reputed to have been “Bugger Bognor!”

    Although I’ve approached the outskirts, it’s a town I’ve never actually been to.

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  6. Haven’t been able to post comments for a couple of days- too upset by the end of The Bridge. Anyway you more than do justice to an unexpected belter of a pub. Must have restored your faith in Sussex (or maybe not).


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