Lots of symbolism today; I know you like symbolism. After the downpour of grim beer on the A272, back to pubby sunshine in “Curious Chichester“.

Decent beer and an array of multi-coloured Taytos at the Rainbow, a backstreet boozer which What Pub tells us was previously called “Happy Medium” and (mysteriously) “Rainbow“. Ponder that.


This tour of duty isn’t all about beer, of course.




In the (surviving) Spoons, I made my customary 3 flat whites in 30 minutes stop, was staggered to see some of their ales priced at £3.49, and even more surprised to see a variation from the usual “Women are always right” line.

Mrs RM would have complained, but then she always did want to argue with Saint Tim.


Two lads were joking with a barmaid about a BREXIT beer mat they’d flipped onto the floor. “If you liked me you’d pick it up” said our heroine.

After 7 minutes stand-off, an octogenarian lady left off her Punk IPA to swoop down and resolve the matter, to a little round of applause from me.

Just remember, neither the octogenarian or the young bloke are allowed in a micro pub.

YOU pick it up.

I know, I should have picked it up.

Not sure what Chichester Town FC have done to upset Spoons staff, whose allegiance for the World Cup is firmly behind their neighbours;

Glory hunters
Another broken coffee machine

Leaving before the coffee machine was fixed I walked north towards my prize.

The Rainbow is the sort of backstreet pub you know will be good. One way or another.

She’s like a Rainbow

Beer Guide sticker proudly displayed, next to promotions for proper drinks.

World Cup beers

But is that sticker a reward for good beer or long service ?

Rarest of sights, Good Beer

Phew. It’s for good beer. Beautifully served, cool, tasty, the Gun is a 3/3.5, first out of the 4pm pumps.

It’s a plain pub with Irish feel and a touch of grandeur.


No World Cup on the telly, a blow to the many Peru fans in the pub, but a soundtrack of “Always on my mind” (Elvis) and One Direction is proper pub music.

And never doubt the authenticity of a pub that sells Taytos.


  1. You may or may not know this but there is a theme park with white-knuckle rides entirely dedicated to Tayto crisps in County Meath.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Taytos are made in both the Republic and Northern Ireland.
        The Northern Ireland company licences the name and ” recipe ” from the parent company which is now based in Ashbourne,County Meath.
        Although I see from Wiki ” In July 2018 possible will be merged with Tayto (Northern Ireland). “


  2. “Walls”

    I hear they’re making a comeback. 😉

    “YOU pick it up.”

    That fellow in the blue looks a bit French to me. 🙂

    “and a touch of grandeur.”

    It’s that bit of foliage in the corner, innit? 🙂

    “that sells Taytos.”

    Did they just the ‘po’ to come up with that?



      1. That was that Foreigner album with their Number 1 on it, wasn’t it.

        Just to be clear, the French are fine, but English who go on holiday in France and talk about chateaux are traitors.


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