(I’m only doing these ’80s UK pop references for Mark, y’know).  I left the ’80s behind in 1990).

At last, the end is near.


And what better way to finish Sussex than at a Proper Pub with a traditional name,,,,


Fear not, the Frog & Nightgown is a classic of its kind. Only a shame it’s in Faygate rather than Pease Pottage, which is a much better name.


Pub & Tea Room” it says, always a worry, but this was a Proper Pub when I tipped up as the Frog transformed into a no food boozer at 5pm.


Now this one may split opinion. A group of locals (probably neighbours) perched at the bar while the occasional visitor stumbles in and finds a seat in the bar.  It reminded me of some pubs run by locals for the benefits of farmers, like the Plough at Breachwood Green and the Brambles in Buntingford.

I might have felt like an intruder, eavesdropping on some BRAPA-tastic bantz.

He calls me knickers

He was flossing his teeth with her knickers

Soiled ladies knickers are a big seller in Japan“*

Those three lines tell you all you need to know.

This is a locals pub

Oh, the Dark Star APA was a decent cool beer (NBSS 3), but the pig collection was worth the price of admission alone.

I left them to talk about knickers, and pinked in my county map in the Beer Guide.


Isle of Wight, I’m coming for you.

*Mark Crilley may be able to confirm.  Hopefully not.


      1. With all the micros popping up does it make more sense to not focus on finishing counties but to hit the pubs that are predictably in the GBG year to year? I cannot come up with a good method of performing your task.

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  1. “I left the ’80s behind in 1990).”

    Very deep.

    Though, to be accurate, you left the 80’s behind in 1991. 😉

    “with a traditional name,,,,”

    I’m dying to know how they came up with that combo. 🙂

    “rather than Pease Pottage,”

    Is that where the nursery rhyme came from? You know… pease pottage, pease pottage cold. 🙂

    “Those three lines tell you all you need to know.”

    I think it was a certain theme night.

    “*Mark Crilley may be able to confirm. Hopefully not.”

    Alas I can confirm, albeit second hand, from someone I worked with (said person was female by the way).



      1. Yes but, if the millennium went to 2001 then logically the 80s went to 1991. Either that or every year ending in zero gets left out. 🙂

        But, in the spirit of camaraderie, let’s agree to disagree. 🙂


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  2. Oh, no, a mention of “knickers” just as I had nearly managed to forget a conversation I couldn’t help but overhear in a Stafford pub last week about a heavily pregnant woman wearing no knickers.

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