About time I filled in the May gaps; Dick and Dave are shocked at my chronological laxity.

While he’s suffering Cambridgeshire, I thought I’d cheer Simon up by showing him what he’s got to look forward to in GBG19 (just a hunch, I don’t bribe CAMRA branches for pre-emptive details).  It might also remind Dick and Dave what they’re missing on their next UK cask trip.

These photos are from my overnighter at the Lower Turk’s Head, back in the days before we decided England are going to win the World Cup.

Best Pub B&B in Manchester


Manchester looked as gorgeous then as South-eastLondon was on Saturday, even if I now realised these lovely New Order prints are something to do with promoting the Doc Martens I’m wearing.

Art or Advert ?

I thought, hard,  about a Draught Bass in the Unicorn, but frankly last time here it wasn’t great, and an “OK Bass” does nothing for the Campaign for Bass in Every Pub.

You can walk past it

Cat Cafes seem to be taking over the world, but the unlimited drinks for £6 of feline petting doesn’t include Bass. Or Marble Dobber IPA.


So I popped in the unlikely sounding Mackie Mayor, a recent warehouse conversion I’d never ever noticed before despite walking past it in the rain with a rucksack a dozen times this year.

Mackie Mayor

It’s like being in Altrincham Market Place, which will terrify Si. Mrs RM will love it.


Loads of little “artisanal” food outlets, big communal tables, prosecco, pushchairs.  Mudgie’s dream.  Perhaps Stockport will catch up with Alty and get one soon.

The Blackjack Bar was doing good business.


And the female drinkers were all pint drinkers, I was delighted to note.  They’re now eleigible to join the next Beer & Pub Forum Old Codgers Day Out.


I will leave any assessment of what ladies want in their beer to Kirsty Walker, who is an expert on that matter, but I note that Mrs RM likes her beer cool and fresh, as do I.

It’s the beer on the left. No idea what it’s called

In sharp contrast to the beer in London, this was cellar cool, crisp beer of the highest quality (NBSS 4+).  Add in a mobility scooter, dart board, juke box with the Prodigy on and Pipers crisps and you have the makings of a Proper Pub.

Top quality

Anyway, a cert for the Guide.  And if you don’t want artisan pizza there’s also artisan “rice & three” over the road.



  1. “from my overnighter at the Lower Turk’s Head,”

    Is that a euphemism for tally wacker? (rolls eyes)

    “Art or Advert ?”

    If it’s an advert I’m not sure just why the Bloom-N-Shoe in Masset, BC is advertising way over there. 😉

    “You can walk past it”


    “Cat Cafes seem to be taking over the world,”

    I’m somewhat concerned over their ‘triple door system’. That smacks of Smersh or (heavens!) B&D. 🙂


    Whenever I see that one word I envision it as three. 😉

    “It’s the beer on the left. No idea what it’s called”

    My sleuthing skills determine it to be a Blackjack Pale Specials Simcoe Light:

    “Top quality”

    Nice lacing.



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