Nathaniel brings some promising news from Norfolk;

As you’ll gather from previous posts, the beer range is well down the list of reasons I visit pubs, and I have reservations about the limited range of folk you’ll see in our famed “Beer Exhibition” pubs like the Fat Cat, Wellington etc. But I probably owe Norwich a return visit; I presume we can park our campervan in the Cathedral grounds overnight.

Not living in Staffordshire like Wickingman, I can’t get Draught Bass on demand anywhere locally.

I can’t even get Bass in central Manchester these days.


On my last trip in April, I sought guidance from our Stateside readers on a pre-match pint, having ticked off all the Beer Guide entries.

“Bass at the Unicorn ?”  replied Dick instantaneously.


He obviously knew Sid James and Hattie Jacques were on the telly.

The Unicorn

Sadly, there was no Bass on the bar. The pleasant barman pulled an appealing half pint of foam, but didn’t offer to change the pumps.  It was a busy Saturday.

Dick could feel my pain from 4,000 miles away.

Apparently, Rochdale is the hotbed of the Bass revival, with ROB CAMRA having encouraged it’s return to at least two GBG pubs.

Not that you need an excuse to visit Tandleland, of course.

Sometimes, Bass pops up when you least expect it.


I stayed at Totton‘s premier High Street B&B (£36 is premier for me); the Brimar Guest House saves you at least £30 on Southampton prices, and a tenner on parking.

On the edge of the New Forest and six minutes on the train to the big city, the Brimar seems to attract continental visitors who like a kitchenette in their B&B, and presumably the odd pre-cruise visitor.

Totton’s charms won’t detain them too long, though the country park near the Tide Mill was pleasant enough for folk chasing Bittern Booming. The Mill and Heritage Centre were, of course, closed for “improvement”.


The other highlight was this heritage sweet shop, also shut. Enjoy the arty photo.


No Beer Guide pubs in Totton, not many pubs full stop, but having done a few in Southampton already on Friday night that shouldn’t have been a let-down.  But as I waited for an excellent Chinese takeaway from the quaintly named Hong Kong Chinese Takeaway, I was tempted by the Peg & Parrot which looks like a North London Spoons conversion, was a wall of sound, and had Doom Bar on.

But it also had Bass. And while my faculties may have been somewhat impaired, it was terrific Bass. I wish I could have saved you some.


  1. I still feel your pain of missing Bass at the Unicorn. Very nice that you found a terrific Bass in an unexpected(?) location. I wish you could have saved us some, too. The next time I stay in a location with no GBG pubs will be a first for me!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Was the Bass served from the jug as stated on WhatPub, like the Dyffryn Arms, Pontfaen?


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