A year ago I was staying in Altrincham, an ideal base for the Manchester Beer Fest (good and bad of that to follow).  This year, I’ve gone upmarket and given Mrs RM the fast Wi-Fi she deserves in Stockport, an ideal base for trekking back to Alty.

Since last year, the refurbished railway station has finally opened, and splendid it is too, a match for Doncaster even.


I was going to treat Mrs RM to a Korean Fried Chicken Burger and a pint of Blackjack in Market House, but Observer award status meant an hours wait to share a table with pushchairs and prosecco.  The Shuffled Deck was superb  (NBSS 4), but vertical drinking and the Taylors don’t get on. The Market House is like a little bit of IndyMan, or End of the Road, all year round, and I want one in Cambridge.

I was surprised to see a spare table over the road in Pi, and made a dash. Two decent plates of stodge from the Pieminster range for £6 each made us feel human again (it wouldn’t last).

As with the Tap & Bottles in Knutsford, this Pi has a proper pubby atmosphere, with a more mature customer mix than you’d expect, and “Good Golly Miss Molly” playing not too loud to drown out some terrific banter.

Perhaps Pi looks solid rather than cutting edge craft these days, but the beer range sticks to good local breweries like Tatton, and Beavertown for the Spurs fans (presumably).

A cheery, boisterous and unpretentious gem, but it was good to get back to civilisation;


24 thoughts on “SAVED BY PI(E) IN ALTY

      1. Should have added Dick, very clean and neat rooms (some bigger than others). No food, but we just had breakfast in the Toby Carvery for £4.29 (probably = $3 by the time you return !).


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