My congratulations to Pubmeister, who has made his trips (nearly) completing the London branch of the GBG sound quite interesting.  I don’t have the same skill set as Duncan, particularly when it comes to outer North London (beyond the Duke’s Head).

The very exciting N10

No new pubs, but revisiting old pubs isn’t always bad.

And the John Baird had scored badly for beer quality on my previous visit a decade or more ago.  As you’ll know, I always give a second chance.

N10 Muswell Hill John Baird x


John Baird

Despite the usual open-plan blandness, it was cosy and convivial, numbers buoyed by showings of Arsenal v Everton to the left and some oval ball nonsense to the right.

Disinterested Gooners

We found the table where my big head wouldn’t obscure the Gooners‘* view of Ozil falling over, and ordered the set Thai meal.  Very good it was too.

“Swap my Brewdog for an extra skewer”

Being a Gentleman, I bought Mrs RM a pint of Punk IPA. Then she let me nick some of her prawns.

This being That London, the cask choice was, as the Beer Guide says, “a mecca for real ale fans“.

It certainly was for fans of BBB.  Sharps Atlantic, Everards Sunchaser or Courage Directors.  That’s what I call choice.

As is now customary, here is the head of the Directors.  Very attractive it is, and pretty tasty (NBSS 3+).  Chilliest pint of the year, though, and I like cool.

Yummy Directors

Are they really watching the match ?” said Mrs RM as a 5th goal was bundled in to a near silence only matched by the final whistle, the gap to City cut to 37 points.  I took Mrs RM to a match at Highbury in the ’90s when people were actually sleeping around her (this is true).

For LifeAfterFootball, some excellent names for the Fantasy Football teams;

Cesc Pistols a clear winner

A huge cheer erupted from the right of the bar as we prepared to leave.  I assumed it was a fresh barrel of Spitfire being unveiled on the fourth pump, but apparently some Irish bloke had kicked the ball over some sticks.

Time to find some real Gooners who’d actually been to the match.


`*Note to Americans – nothing to do with Cyndi Lauper


  1. Not a different skill set, I just don’t rise as well as you to the challenge of finding something in each pub. You manfully make every effort to extract something out of each pub, whereas I do skip quite a few from the blog.

    Incidentally we went to Allgreave last night. I wasn’t driving but the fog was so dense we couldn’t see the road where Google maps told us to turn right. When we eventually crawled there we received a fine welcome- and I directed them to your recent write-up. Not easy running a pub in that location in mid winter. Thought the other one at Crowdicote was very good-beer quality as good as anything I have had for a while.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re far too modest about your own talents.

      If you directed the Allgreave pub to my reviews it’s a good job I changed “hovering” to “hovering” ! Glad you enjoyed those two, Ian (Wickingman) is local and also rates the Pack Horse highly.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. “it’s a good job I changed “hovering” to “hovering” ”

        Ahem. (looks up)

        So we’ve gone from not channeling Cyndi Lauper to Channeling Britney Spears?*

        * – Oops I did it again, so to speak. 🙂


      2. You’re making me nervous Russ 1

        Thanks for highlighting the gap between the post and comments. I only read comments as they appear on a little notification tab on WordPress. There seems to be some spare lines at the bottom of the post so I’ve deleted them. No idea where they come from ! Cheers.


      3. “Hovering over your keyboard finding retiredmartin typos 🙂”

        I learned to hover as a helicopter parent. 😉
        (j/k, we let our lads spread their wings and find their own way quite early in their lives)


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  2. “It certainly was for fans of BBB”

    Sigh, I know I’m getting old, so forgive me for asking… what is BBB again? (blush)

    “Cesc Pistols a clear winner”

    With Dark Mata or Total Fubar a close second. 😉

    And what’s with the huge blank space once again between your post and the comments? (heh)



      1. Thanks Martin.

        But… boring? Bloody hell. I petition PUB to change it to Brilliant Brown Bitters (or even Brilliant Bloody Bitters). 😉

        I’m having an ESB as I type this. My current favourite. 😎

        Cheers! 🍻

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Read a few CAMRA magazine and you’ll see plenty of CAMRA folk use that term ! They pop in a pub, say “It only had London Pride/Pedigree/6X on”, and walk out, looking for something pale and hoppy. Each to their own.


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