For real #PubMen, there’s only one thing worse than the Christmas drinker.

And that’s the “Six Nation Sozzlers”, who turn (mainly) Home Counties pubs into Hell for six weeks at the start of Spring. Just ask BRAPA.  Due to UK discrimination laws, I’m not allowed to exclude Rugby Union fans from this blog, but know your place in Hell (a Maidenhead Ember Inn) is assured.

Never mind, only two months till the real sport starts again;


But at least the rugby sticks to the weekends. I was glad I tipped up at Longworth’s Blue Boar on a Wednesday lunchtime, avoiding the Cotton Traders crowd in what looks like a rugger stronghold (see top).  I still await a trip to the wonderfully named Kingston Bagpuize, but this is close.


Wisteria fans and real pub sign advocates will be overjoyed by the Blue Boar.


But I was more taken by the beer range.  TWO unchanging beers, neither over 4.0%, both classic BBBs.

A proper beer range in 2018

Many will find this the quintessential village pub, with low lighting, tiled floor and wooden beams, and scary open fires. And scarier Daily Telegraph.

Roaring fire cliche

Even the jugs hanging from the ceiling (one of them will fall on Simon) maintain the Good Pub Guide stereotype.  #StraightGlassesRule.

Watch your head, Si !

It’s clearly a popular dining pub for gentlefolk, but without any “Will you be dining with us Sir” nonsense or excessive setting of tables.


Some very pleasant middle-class music from Iron & Wine and Dylan (Forever Young), and the banter from the only customers younger than me was decent, too.


Only joking, it was all about car repairs, kale and the gym (honestly).  If it’s a foretaste of the Beer & Pubs Forum Trip to Oxford this month, Mudgie & Co. are in for a treat.


And the Otter ?  Cool to the touch, impeccably presented, but not quite stretching beyond NBSS 3.  But I’ve come to expect that, and not just in Oxon.






  1. Nice truncheon handles!

    We had a 3.5-scoring pint of Otter in Devon… May have been ‘Ale’ or ‘Amber’ rather than ‘Bitter’ though, I find them very hard to tell apart!

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  2. Ah,cricket.
    The cuckoo isn’t the first sign of of Spring.It’s the smell of linseed oil and the sound of wood as a new bat gets knocked in and the discovery of sweaty whites at the bottom of a kitbag that should’ve been washed six months ago.
    And the ” not long now ” greeting between village cricket mates who’ve endured a miserable winter staying up late watching England get hammered by the Convicts.
    Not long now indeed.Marvellous.
    I know what you mean about the Otter.I drink lots of it on our annual pilgrimage to the West Country and while it’s always perfectly presentable and looks good there’s something missing about it that I can’t put my finger on.Nuttiness is the only word I can think of.

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  3. I’m sure at least half the maps you post are computer generated with a random word generator used for the names.
    I refuse to believe somewhere called Kingston Bagpuize really exists, unless it’s ruled by an old, saggy cloth cat.

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  4. I’m assuming Duxford is where the, er, ducks ford?

    “(one of them will fall on Simon)”

    Heh. 🙂

    Love the beer range. (thumbs up)

    “Only joking, it was all about car repairs, kale and the gym (honestly).”

    Not surprising since it appears they were both on the San Miguel. 😉


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  5. “Many will find this the quintessential village pub” –And by “many,” you mean all those damned Americans who want everything in England to have Ye Olde in front of it. 😉

    This does look like an especially lovely one. I don’t know what it tastes like, but that Brakspear Bitter has a first class pump clip.

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