All my favourites in this one.  Brunning & Price non-pubs, geographical labelling errors, jam jars with rubber stoppers, real ale fails, and polite society.  See, Oxfordshire does do pub drama.

Obscure Oxfordshire, too.  A hamlet with not much more than a pub.

Bessels Leigh.PNG
The tiny Bessels Leigh

The Greyhound is in Bessels Leigh on the map, Besselsleigh on What Pub, and it’s probably pronounced Bezzle by the pashmina wearers debating starters as I arrive.

A good start though, as I spot Berkshire’s top flammable CAMRA magazine at the entrance.

That Ullage gets everywhere

After a slimmed down version on the edge of Windsor Great Park, this was back to identikit Brunning & Price.  A fussy rambling building occupied entirely by jacketed diners.

And a particularly unhelpful note on the bar (the next hour from when ?), but oddly none of the other customers at the bar seemed as distraught as me.

But I’m a ticker ?

Loads of handpumps were affected by some major cellar work, which clearly couldn’t have been done outside licensing hours, oh no.

Guess the beer. No, guess.

As I often say, B&P’s staff are it’s main asset. No cider or bottle-conditioned beers*, so the helpful chap offered me something from the keg selection.

Not craft, probably

Ignore the Leffe” he said, “it’s a West Berks IPA“.  Clearly KeyKeg, even if I couldn’t be sure; I joyfully claimed my tick, and enjoyed an unlikely soundtrack of Babies.  The Pulp track from ’93, not the BRAPA favourites.

Of course, at that precise moment, the pumps started working again, and I suddenly had my doubts about the authenticity of that keg beer. It was very fizzy.

Phew !

So, just to avoid any doubts on the deathbed that I actually had done the Greyhound authentically, I had a half of the Mild (NBSS 3.5). It was a bit frothy.

Top it up or put a flake it in it” said barlady to barman, and he did.


* I realise all this “must have a real ale in the GBG pub” stuff is nonsense, but it’s my nonsense.


      1. Is that unfair ? I think 10 years or more ago folk went to the Spoons to drink real ales (not just at Fest time), but not now. Can’t imagine any CAMRA folks making a branch trip to a Brunning & Price for a beer.


  1. ““Top it up or put a flake it in it” ”

    What, like a Cabury’s Flake?
    (so that’s how they get the chocolate flavour in the Porters!) (LOL)

    As for the map, I could have a lot of fun with that. For example:

    Q. What’s a ‘Longworth’?

    A. ‘Littlemore’ than a ‘Kingston Bagpuize’. 🙂


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  2. Always perplexes me when people in a service industry decide to ‘take the service off line’ during the hours they should be providing the service. All to fit into the agenda of other people (people who they are paying usually) but never the people they should be serving. It’s a bit like when during a face to face engagement with someone and they suddenly break off to answer the telephone. How they can tell that the person on the phone is more important than me is baffling?

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