I may do more short posts in 2018 so I don’t completely overlook minor gems like the Manor Barn in Kimberworth. before I junk these photos from my OneDrive (is that an Americanism ?).

Proper Yorkshire

A pleasing OS extract here, taking in Sheffield’s scary Meadowhall Mall (pronounced Mawl in the US), sewage works, MAGNA museum, the Trans Pennine Trail, Keppel’s Column, and some very cheap petrol. Oh, and the delights of Rotherham.

Quite how Kimberworth isn’t included within the Rotherham section of the GBG is one of the Guide’s enduring geographical mysteries.

Anyway, it’s a stiff walk from the station which reminds you how mixed Rotherham is, and how many lively dining pubs there are to the west of town.

Chicken sign

The Manor Barn follows the Droppingwell and venerable Colin (honest) into the Guide, and I confess I was expecting an Ember Inn.

Instead it seemed to be full of folk out for beer and banter.  In the week before Christmas.  How can that be ?

Beer and banter

High quality beer and banter too.  Another appearance of the Belgian Blue, another NBSS 3.5 for a surprise Christmas beer.

You again

Sure, it’s a bit old beams and upholstery,and there were more cardigans than you might have found in Greasbrough, but the jollity was completely enforced.  How are the Millers doing these days ?

Top northern head

The Beer Guide and Rotherham CAMRA gets it right again, but how many of these folk will ignore Dryanuary and keep the Manor Barn going thru’ the winter ?








      1. “I was quite proud of that one !”

        And you should be. Don’t forget, saying that a pun is awful is akin to saying a Double IPA has too much ABV. 😉

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    1. In North America, mall (mawl) is any large shopping center (centre – heh). See West Edmonton Mall or Mall of the America’s for example. It’s quite popular over here, though some places go by Centre or Common (i.e. Southgate Centre or South Edmonton Common).



      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes Russ. My only protest is the Americanisation of our fine English language. Mall may be acceptable in N.America but I will do everything in my power to make sure it is not taken into common usage in Yorkshire – It’s a Shopping Centre lad, end of story!


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