I have an affection for Doncaster that I’d rather not explain on this blog, but don’t be surprised if my will reveals a bequest of £29.95 for the upkeep of the Hyde Park cemetery. And I make sure my annual shopping trip to buy a new pair of jeans is to the Next Outlet on the edge of town.


BRAPA is particularly cruel about this giant amongst the pantheon of South Yorkshire towns; probably something to do with an incident near the snack machine at the Bus Station.

The best architecture in town is the external tiling on the Leopard, which may be a bit unfair on the Minster.

Doncaster Minster

And there’s some evolving artwork in the market place, though this is not yet of Sittingbourne standards.

Danum – Latin, trans. “No craft shalt enter

Clearly Donny doesn’t come alive until well after 6pm.

Soon these streets will be covered in bodily fluids, if you’re lucky

The Queen was touted as a prospective new GBG entry last year by Simon, a man who knows to be fearful of the words “Crafthouse” and “Kitchen“.

The Queen of Doncaster

Now, if Doncaster CAMRA were kicking out all their classic corner pubs in favour of craft bars and micros I’d be worried, but the Corner Pin, Leopard and White Swan survive, so all is well with the Donny world.


Bench seats and beer mats !


Pub Art Donny style

In fact the Queen has replaced it’s sister bar, the rather more gastro Market Place Deli, which I liked, and the continued absence of Cask Corner (R.I.P.) showed that a vast changing ale range and CAMRA discount alone won’t keep you in the Guide.

But it clearly helps…

Craft Invasion

As with Simon, I found a bar aimed squarely at the towns crafty youth (“Twouth” ?) with four customers, but sadly lacking the bag lady debating the merits of Piper’s.

And just as Simon found Farraro Rocher (sic) beer, so I found a Dime Bar ale from Imperial, who should know better but then they come from Mexborough.

Why can’t they make beer out of beery ingredients like they used to ?

Actually, the beer was decent enough (NBSS 3+), the staff cheery, and I introduced the half-pint to every corner of a quirky pub that clearly comes alive when the music starts or the crafterati arrive on the train from Goole.

The Snug

I’ll go again, no doubt trying the craft keg, and if I find a great curry house to match the pubs, I’ll let you know.





6 thoughts on “DIME BAR DONCASTER

  1. I thought this was a post about the dive bar when I read the title.
    Dime bar should have rang a bell as I had the same beer in the same pub on Sunday 17th! Very nice it was too, though was more chocolate eclair than dime bar to me.

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  2. It’s only just gone 2018 and he’s banging on about the CAMRA discount again! Although I never, ever ask for a CAMRA discount, and I don’t know many of my colleagues in LeedsCAMRA who do neither; in fact most people I know don’t agree with it or the Wetherspoon’s vouchers. Getting back on track, I don’t think a discount sways members one way or another. Granted I have been in quite a few GBG pubs where I’ve thought WTF? But where I am familiar with the competition, I am generally in accord with the local branches choices – discount or otherwise. I guess there is a place for discounts, I would prefer to see it go to OAP’s only where it would be more deserved and perhaps needed. Personally, I donate all my vouchers and a friends vouchers to an older gent who frequents Wetherspoon’s on a regular basis for resort and companionship, rather than to throw copious amounts of cheap beer down his neck.


    1. Stuff leaving the EU, the CAMRA discount is the issue of our times. Typically, no comment from Tony.on R4 this morning on that.

      I agree with everything you say Richard, which is a bad precedent to start the year with. Agree, CAMRA branches get it right 90% of the time, credit to all of them.

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      1. Actually I can imagine what Tony Blair’s stance on Camra vouchers would be if his view on the Brexit referendum is anything to go by.
        He’ll offer the vouchers but won’t honour them if you try to use them.


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