It was in the Mighty Oak Tap that I checked my Twitter and saw that Team BRAPA was in the area, a mere 12 miles and several centuries away in Southminster.

We’re going on a BRAPA hunt

We should go and say hello” said Mrs RM, who’s always wanted to meet Tom.

I tried to explain that Simon would be annoyed if we disrupted their meticulous plans for the day, but she just doesn’t understand.

So we set off, knowing we’d probably interrupt them 25 minutes into their 27.5 minute stay in the Station Arms, the worst possible time.

By a massive stroke of luck, the road into Southminster was closed, and by the time we’d found a detour via lovely Burnham our BRAPA trio had escaped.

We pressed on to Wibblers Tap.

Two blokes traumatised by BRAPA visit to the Wibblers

It’s a busy place, with loads of odd  jars on the shelves, but otherwise your classic simple Essex micro before they started getting ambitious and added Jazz chess or whatever.


A lovely cool pint of the Wibblers IPA (a top quality BBB) for Mrs RM,who is slowly becoming acclimatised to the notion that not all pubs serve Punk IPA.


Bags of hops in the ceiling and dangling lights gave it a bit of charm, though it was clearly the pub where blokes came for a session.

Let’s all put a score in, shall we ?  A ton should do it

Wow, that’s a lot of beer.

Brewery Taps are clearly the destination pubs of 2017 in Essex, a county where blokes know a good pint.


I visited the famous Gents toilets visited by Simon only an hour ago.  Mrs RM showed no interest in seeing them too.

We’ll catch up with BRAPA sometime, even if it takes us to the end of the earth (or Cleethorpes, whichever is cheaper).

Wibblers is on an industrial estate outside a rural village, so this is the best shot I got of the area.  I quite like it.





      1. When they hived off Grimsby, Cleethorpes and Scunthorpe into Humberside, it was a fairly accurate delineation of where the North/Midlands divide ran through Lincolnshire.

        And a classic BBB called IPA – that will get some beer pedants fewmin’ 😛

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      2. As someone born in Scunthorpe, I should just point out that Cleethorpes (and Scunthorpe) are actually further north than Manchester…so Mudgie’s point is partly valid. However, I’d say that the Midlands end at Suton-in-Ashfield and just north of Newark. If you drew a line across the country there, it would mean that Crewe is just in the Midlands, but Macclesfield and Chesterfield are in the North.

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  1. “A lovely cool pint of the Wibblers IPA (a top quality BBB) for Mrs RM”

    Yes,yes but; what did you have and what did you score it as? 🤔

    “I visited the famous Gents toilets visited by Simon only an hour ago. Mrs RM showed no interest.”

    Gee. I wonder why? 😳😁


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