Enough about Carlsberg in Southwold, here’s one of my Copenhagen highlights, and possibly the Carlsberg/Tuborg flagship.

After Bakken, we popped in Jerbanecafeen on the way from the main railway station to the rather more cerebral gardens of Tivoli.



Only” Tuborg on, so we gave Tivoli beer a miss. For now.

I’d just bought the family huge pizzas slices from the atrocity that is a Danish 7-Eleven, and they owed me ten minutes in the pub.  Even a pub that didn’t stretch to smoothies.


Scott Campbell had flagged this as a “must visit”, which is a bit of an understatement. My only regret is that I visited in laste afternon rather than 7am, a much more civilised time to start the drinking day (I’m joking, Mum).

A random Rate Beer reviewer says;

Small smokey and noisy pub with all kinds of people drinking and chatting. You don’t go here to experience good beer. Perhaps some other reasons I don’t know.”

Sounds like my sort of place, though not perhaps Mrs RM’s choice.  She sat outside and waited for beer.


Self-proclaimed 3rd best pub in Copenhagen

I’ll confess I felt I was in pub heaven as soon as I entered.  The mix of drinkers here sets it apart from the crafty places in Norrebro I was about to encounter, but really it was a sense of joy that came across, a hard thing to explain. The riot of colour came as a shock after the Lord Nelson and the “cave pub“.

The lady in charge was cheery and patient, even explaining that Copenhagen is actually pronounced Copenhagen.  Why she told me, I forget.


Having chosen, correctly, the house beer (from Thisted Bryghus), I was given a collector card. Pub tourists love collector cards. The ceiling is “decorated” with photos of regulars who have completed the card.  I wish I could join their ranks.

More punches =more joy

The seating is magnificent, the soundtrack stuck in 1984.  A run of Dancing Queen“, “Girls just want to have fun” and “Living next door to Alice” made perfect sense.



Interestingly, the ash trays on tables suggested the pub had one of the Danish smoking exemptions for food-free boozers, but I didn’t see any smoke.


Joining Mrs RM outside with her hefty Carlsberg IPA for a perfect view of the back of the station, I’ll confess this was a magical 20 minutes, even when my own beer started getting nicked.


As is my wont, I searched for an equivalent English pub, and struggled.  The railway Taps have a more transient customer base, as well as a beerier obsession.  The Café Express outside Nuremberg Bahnhof perhaps comes closest.

Great toilets too.


We’d gone ten yards when a local ran towards us waving Mrs RM’s mobile phone at us.  It’s a sign of appreciation to leave personal effects in pubs, apparently.

We left with a song in our hearts, the one from “The Bridge”, I think.



16 thoughts on “THE 3rd BEST PUB IN COPENHAGEN

  1. I’ve just been to Copenhagen myself, but unfortunately didn’t have time for Jerbanecafeen. The house beer is by Thisted, btw, not Carlsberg. There is also a brewpub inside Tivoli Gardens, but I didn’t go there either because I only noticed it on the way out.

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  2. People still smoke openly in some pubs in England that i have been in,i did a pub in a Birmingham lower end suburb on the 17th August 2013 and two women asked for ash trays and when i looked round the room which was fairly large,everybody else was smoking apart from me,i also know a pub in a rough Nottingham suburb that lets smokers smoke in the pub.
    It might be a good idea to let Pub Curmudgeon and his pro smoking mates know where these pubs are so they can have a good smoke and a drink and not call me for being an anti smoker,which i have never been.

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    1. You’re unfair on Pub Curmudgeon, Alan. He’s a relentless campaigner for free choice. If a licensee chooses to have a room for smokers that doesn’t affect their staff, they should be allowed to. Frankly I think pubs should be allowed to designate the whole pub smoking; you don’t have to go in if you don’t want to. And I speak as someone who has never smoked and knows it’s a killer. As is drinking too much and sitting in an office or on your sofa watching the telly.


    2. On the same subject, Man City fans still smoke openly in the toilets at away grounds, which is, of course, unfair on those who don’t like smoke (never mind fire regs). Do you ever see that at the City Ground ?


  3. My dig was because Pub Curmudgeon and most who post replies on his blog which i like call me an anti smoker when i have never been,i like free choice and people should do what they want to do and not be told what to do by the government or do gooders.
    But lots of the replies to what i have said on his blog have ground me down and is turning me into an anti smoker.


  4. A change in the law will never happen in our lifetimes and i think they will be after drinkers next.
    A puritan state in the making.
    I know i drink to excess everyday and enjoy doing it,i do like the wife drink everyday and we will never stop doing that whatever doctors or those in power tell us to do.
    I was talking to a workmate today who is 65 has a heart pacemaker and he drinks bottles of whiskey or vodka in a night,he challenged me to today to see who could come into work the drunkest,i said it would be him.
    Most people i am friends with drink miles over the limits set and dont give a toss about it like me or my wife.

    I will not make anymore comments about smoking as i have never smoked, on yours or Pub Curmudgeons blogs again.


      1. I would never do that Martin,my job is too precious to lose at my age.
        We will have to agree to disagree about smoking.

        I did a massive pub crawl on Saturday and did 26 pubs,24 new ones 23 in Bristol and one new one in Birmingham,plus two already done in Derby,they are like chalk and cheese and i know which i would rather have a night out in.
        I did the Brunswick as it is close to the train station and then went in the Noahs Ark near the bus station,i bumped into a work mate in the Noahs Ark and it was a right laugh with older people dancing,the Castle Rock Harvest Pale went down a treat.

        Sorry for causing trouble on your blog Martin,
        I always have to say what i think be it on a blog or to someone face to face.

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