Steal from the best” is a decent life strategy, so I’m going to continue to nick ideas off Simon Everitt in 2017,though possibly not his fashion tips.

Just no

But a strategy for the year sounded like a good idea, even though as you know the year actually starts when the Good Beer Guide arrives (end of August in London, sometime in September in the slums).

So after extensive consultation with Mrs RM, here is the plan for the year.


  • Visit at least 3 new countries – including Albania
  • Reconsider USA as a destination in light of Dave & Dick experience (post to follow)
  • Find something nice to say about France, or the French
  • Eat snails
  • 527 new Good Beer Guide pubs – get to 87% of GBG completeness
  • Drink the last pint of Cloudwater on cask, probably in a Hungry Horse in Goole
  • Go to Hull and drink Atom
  • Avoid Prosecco poisoning
  • Under NO circumstances criticise Mrs RM’s driving
  • Get to the end of Silverline without a tear in the eye
  • Make sure eldest son can cook before he leaves for University in September
  • Meet Tom Irvin
  • Drink more Bass





  • Finish off the London GBG pubs
  • First trip to new West Ham ground on Friday
  • Isle of Wight by bus
  • Finish east Angular GBG pubs
  • Dutch beer tasting with John Clarke at Manchester Beer Festival
  • Maria McKee gig in Dublin  – pub suggestions welcome


  • Visit to the Wetherspoons in Bathgate
  • Finish Gtr Manc/Lancs/Cheshire pubs
  • Swansea for son’s Fingerboard competition
  • Julia Jacklin @ Headrow House, Leeds

Rest of year

  • Whitsun Brass band contest in Saddleworth
  • Clifford Beer Festival on 24 June – make a note
  • Take Campervan to north of Scotland in late June
  • documenta art exhibition in Kassel in July
  • Albania in August (is this daft ?)


  • Get my easts and wests right 99% of the time
  • A post a day
  • Get a blog view from Greenland and Zimbabwe
  • Revisit some old classics for the Top 100 series


Don’t plan too far ahead folks, unless you’re immortal like Simon of course.







17 thoughts on “A STRATEGY FOR 2017

  1. Most of us didn’t realize Mrs RM ever drove. Your retirement plan is the envy of many of us. Even if you only accomplish half of what is listed above.

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      1. You’re already doing a fine job of not criticizing, but only praising. Year is off to a good start.


  2. Albania: Been there done that. Want any tips? I’ll be glad to. No good beer whatever though. Some passable, but cheap except on the coast. You have to like white cheese, spinach and pies. That is white cheese and spinach pies.


  3. My strategy for 2017 is to do more around the house and keep our very long garden looking hopefully nice with lots of fresh veg to go at in the summer.
    In reality i want to do Bridgenorth,Stourport,Bewdley and maybe Bromsgrove and Droitwitch.
    I will probably not do any of them and end up doing West Yorkshre,South Yorkshire and London and hopefully a few trips to Bristol plus a couple of away days with Forest but only to grounds not done,this will be more of a treat for the wife.


  4. I have to admire your determination and forward planning, Martin. The only definite beer-related item in my calendar so far, is a visit to Düsseldorf in mid-May; a trip which has been organised by a group of friends from Maidstone CAMRA. I fear I have unfortunately left it rather late for a visit to the Manchester Beer Festival, which I see is now less than three weeks away.

    I’m currently researching a transcontinental railroad trip, in the good old US of A, but as my wife is self-employed, and might not be able/afford to take a fortnight off, it might be a solo trip. More sight-seeing than beer, but there will be obvious top-off points along the way.

    Other destinations may include either Italy or Poland, but preferably both!


  5. This will be my first visit to Düsseldorf Martin, although I’ve been to neighbouring Cologne several times.

    There is more to life than beer, but the latter does make it much more interesting, and dare I say more enjoyable as well!


  6. The spoons is Bathgate is for sale, hope it hasn’t closed by then. Ballymena has closed when I arrived there last week, and “Granny Annie’s” had ripped all the handpumps out. The Drygate apple ale was very sickly. So I expect that to be de-guided shortly, along with Coleraine, where the same treatment had taken place though I’d already been there. Enniskillen hadn’t, but is apparently imminent, as is Derry x2.

    I found the walk to the Olympic Stadium was a lot longer than it was during the Olympics, they don’t let you go through the shopping centre. If you’re coming from Stratford that is, in hindsight Hackney Wick might have been a better option. Enjoy the game!


    1. Wow that’s a lot of useful info Leon.
      The loss of Bathgate Spoons is devastating (and surprising) news, may have to target Coatbridge Spoons instead.

      I might take your advice re: Hackney Wick.


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