Is that the name of a band ? If not, it should be.

I promise this will be my last post from snowy Poland. I’ll be back in Kassel, on the edge of the Ruhr tonight. Any tips welcome.

This post is at the special request of Mrs RM, who has become too big for her boots since I did a post for her special event. On the other hand, she has just fixed my laptop (again) so I do what I’m told.

I’d been saving up my units (14) in anticipation of the New Year weekend in Stockport, and possibly a few ticks as I aim to recover ground on BRAPA as he races towards the prize.

But apparently our group hotel booking included a “table” full of free vodka (lemon and plain), crips and popcorn, to accompany the traditional Polish holiday disco (styled D.I.S.C.O.).


A few bottles of those DIPAs and Porters I’ve been mentioning would have gone down better, but you can’t complain about free vodka (and Mrs RM has just tucked that unopened Fjorowka into her rucksack).

Mrs RM enjoyed a soundtrack that stretched from “YMCA” to “Birdie Song” to a flurry of Polish Pet Shop Boys rip-offs, enjoyed by nearly all,

I gleaned three things from D.I.S.C.O. ;

  1. Poland thinks English music died in 1984, around the time of “Careless Whisper“.
  2. Mrs RM will dance to anything.
  3. Zywiec really is a non-entity of a beer but it goes down quickly, and Polish women drink it quicker than men.
  4. Don’t drink the homemade yellow vodka.



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