I just read that the thing most appreciated by sodden UK blog readers is reports from exclusive European Ski resorts. Happy to oblige.

Actually, there is some footage of my first and last ski lesson, taken by a 15 year old who will never reach 16 if it sees the light of day on his his Instagram.



Our hotel sits at a foot of a modest ski slope that I shan’t be setting foot on ever again, in the heart of the gorgeous Silesian Beskids, which I shan’t pretend I’d ever heard of.

The straggly village of Istebna isn’t as picture postcard as you get used to in Germany, but the local church looked breathtaking on the way to Midnight Mass.  The Mass itself was a test of endurance for those of us used to the Salvation Army Carol Service.


Beer choice at the hotel is Zywiec, Paulaner and Heineken, which isn’t much of a choice.  Zywiec in particular would sit well below Fosters on my own taste chart, with Coors below that.

Pub Curmudgeon wrote about Polish canned beer here, finding some of the lesser-known brands available in UK offies palatable enough for the price.  We popped into the next village of Wisla, home to the sort of Ski-resort influenced café you normally find on Macclesfield’s Sunderland Street, to see what options they had.


Clearly Zywiec can make good beer, as the 1881 Porter (9.5%) (top) was rather spectacular, firmly in Old Tom territory even in bottled form.  Sadly I was driving, but a specialist bottle shop next door was at hand.


Granted there’s the odd Kozel and Efes in that line-up, but some really interesting local stuff as well.

Mrs RM planned to save our purchases for a Polish Party when we get back, but has already drunk a Porter and this DIPA, which was the best beer we’d had all week.  If our local Polski Sklep added these to the cans for less than £2 they’d have at least 2 customers.



  1. As an evil bastard who basks in the comedy of others’ misfortune, I would be willing to bribe the 15 year old to put the video onto a website I have the cognative ability to access, preferably with a link to this website to make life easier. I should also point out that I am a know tight fisted git so any bribe will be as small as I can get away with and even then I will do my utmost to withhold payment.

    I find the best time to visit ski resorts is when there is no snow.

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    1. You’re too late he’s ben bribed with Polish chocolate. Abut 12p worth.

      Agree on snow; rally mucked up my plans to walk to bars across the mountains. Just another reason to hate Christmas is snow.


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