Tomorrow is a significant day for Mrs RM.  This is what she’ll be tucking into tonight on the ferry to the Hook of Holland.  For the benefit of readers, the one on the left is craft. The one on the right is an aged 10% beer from Pitfield, acquired from the brewer. That’s mine (joking).

Mrs RM is devastated to be missing the Stockport Hillgate Stagger tonight. The opportunity to drink Sam Smiths, Holts and Robbies in our some of our nations best pubs the week before Christmas is something everyone should do at least once.

Whether Mrs RM would have finished her evening at 1am, kebab in hand, demanding a half of Unicorn in the Emigration is a matter for conjecture.

Instead, tomorrow we will be driving through the Netherlands with a stop in Germany in Osnabruck.  Because of the efforts of the great Ron Pattinson, we have a pub guide for the place. I sense it’s no Bamberg, but every German town is worth a visit (I think). Being twinned with Derby, there’s bound to be some Bass and Pedigree served from the jug.

If the Wi-Fi in our B&B Hotel (great chain) is any good, I’ll post about it on Sunday.

12 thoughts on “MRS RM’S SIGNIFICANT DAY

  1. Three weeks ago my wife and I were in Bamberg for six nights. Not long enough. I don’t think there is any other town anywhere quite like Bamberg. What a variety of beer. The normal variety with the seasonal bock beer available. You really can’t beat it.


      1. We visited the rural areas as well. I do like Franconia a lot. Have not been to Nuremberg yet. Schenkerla and Mahrs Brau are two of the prettiest pubs I have ever been in. Great beer too. They had the Bock Rauchbier at Schenkerla. Really great stuff.


      2. Thought you’d have got around ! Pottenstein very attractive, but I wait Nberg in my Top 5 cities. Caught it during their Beer Fest around the castle walls in May, awesome.


  2. I looked at the Harwich-Hook of Holland ferry option, whilst planning my visit to the Netherlands back in August. In the end I went for the more convenient, and cheaper, Easy Jet option from Gatwick.

    I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts on the ferry though, especially as it has a certain nostalgic appeal for me. In my early twenties, a student friend and I embarked on the Hook of Holland ferry at the start of our month-long Inter-Rail journey round Western Europe (with the exception of former Yugoslavia, you couldn’t do anywhere much east of Vienna).

    I’ll also be interested in your opinions of Krakow – it’s been on our list of places to visit for a while now!

    Have a great trip.


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