I’m not saying Warwickshire is dull, but there were only two new entries (out of 48) in the Beer Guide this year.  One of those was the inevitable, and rather wonderful micro in Nuneaton, one of the pubs of the year.

My last tick wasn’t a micro.  The Tilted Wig has been in Warwick’s market place for years without troubling the Guide, so it must be quality that gets it in this year. Warwick itself is on a roll at the moment, with six GBG entries the most I’ve ever seen.

The town looked pretty gorgeous yesterday too, as Mrs RM and I spent a night in the Caravan Club site on the Racecourse.  I’ve still never seen horse racing, but then I’ve never drunk Prosecco either; you don’t have to do everything before you die.

What struck us was how small Warwick is; it almost feels like a suburb of Leamington Spa in terms of facilities.  No mini-supermarkets and very few takeaways, though more Indian restaurants than in the whole of Norfolk.

Future micropub

You even have to change at Leamington if you want to go anywhere useful (i.e. Coventry with it’s unticked pub).  Nothing to match the Leycester Hospital though.

QUIZ TIME – Why Leycester ?

Mrs RM was distinctly bored as I dragged her round old Warwick, only showing any interest as we passed the shop below.


Anyone know what this is and how long it will cost Mrs RM to save up for it if she saves £10 a week ?

And she was impressed by the beer quality and service in the Tilted Wig as well, even if the pub was one of those slightly upmarket open-plan eateries that dominate the wasteland between Northampton and Brum. You can tell them a mile off from the Purity Ubu pump, but crying children and lack of bench seating seal the deal. Pleasant enough.

Exeter Fall’s Over and my excellent Saddleback both NBSS 3.5 from me, Mrs RM typically more generous with the Exeter, so a good pick by Heart of Warwicks CAMRA anyway. Lovely head on the beer too.


The only other highlight to bring you is the inevitable pink 2CV.  My first job was as an accountant at a Citroen dealership.  Never ever sold a pink one.

Six grand !!!


  1. The item photographed that Mrs RM apparently wants is a car. I reckon that if she has a good credit score, she will be able to obtain it on a hire purchase deal whereby if she gives a £10 deposit she can pay £10 a week for it for the next 200000 weeks, ie 3846 years.

    I am impressed that you don’t consider Birmingham, London or Solihul to be useful.

    I’ve always thought of Warwick as a suburb of Coventry You may well be more accurate with Leamington.


  2. A few years ago our narrowboat broke down and we spent two days in Warwick. We managed four sessions without too much problem (or repetition of pubs!) There are plenty of pubs and eateries (eat in or takeaway), but on the other side of town to where you stayed. If you’d gone past the East (I think!) Gate there are quite a few more places of interest.

    PS I’m not impressed that you don’t find Birmingham useful!! (speaking as a long time resident of this fair city!!)


    1. I was joking Pete ! (see my many blog posts on Brum). I’ve done all the Beer Guide pubs in West Midlands now apart from 2 in Sutton C. Want to keep Mrs RM well away from Bullring too !


  3. Leycester appears to come from the founder’s title. “Robin” Dudley Earl of Leicester. At this time the pedants would have gone mad with the laxness in spelling. Dudley himself spelled it Leycester at times.


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