In accordance with the helpful Boak and Bailey guidance on blogging etiquette, I should let you know I’ve restored the missing photos to my earlier blogs that I’d deleted because I’m stupid. Thanks to my eldest son, who can now spend as long on his computer as he likes.

They might look a tiny bit different, but that’s life.  I will confess to correcting my “it’s and its” while I was at it, but my compass errors are still intact for interweb eternity.

You’ll see I also uncovered the evidence of Brewdog cask as recently as November 2014 I wrote about in my Xander, Brescia piece. That Brixton Porter was one of my all-time great pints (schooner anyway), and I hope the rumours of a cask return are true.  Not that I suspect a single handpump would get them into the Beer Guide.

I also seem to have one photo without a post home, due to poor photographic quality, but any picture of the great Pub Curmudgeon drinking extreme Cloudwater needs a home.




  1. That’s actually me making friends with the pub cat in the Magnet. Not sure if the pic of me drinking the Cloudwater Bretted Bitter was taken by yourself or Nick.

    I’m far too polite to have mentioned the occasional its/it’s confusion 🙂


    1. I know, and the cat is gorgeous, but the Cloudwater in the pic was more notable !

      I’m very happy to be corrected on grammar (it was an early commentator), as long as done politely, which it was.


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