Yet another county completed. Just for Si, here’s Doable Derbyshire; Just to confuse you, BRAPA came to the Spotted Cow in Holbrook AFTER me and has already blogged about it. His post is much too long for me to read, of course. Holbrook is eminently doable from Derby, as long as you don’t get distracted… Continue reading CROUCHING DINER, HIDDEN PEDIGREE


  On our way to a brewery break in Cropton we stopped at Malton for a last bit of Wi-Fi quiche before entering the Moors.   The big news in Malton is Brass Castle’s cutting edge bar, but we fancied coffee and battenburg cake in the Spotted Cow in Malton. It’s a Tetley Heritage Inn, which is still generally a pretty… Continue reading TETLEY HERITAGE IN MALTON