I see you!

Yet another county completed. Just for Si, here’s Doable Derbyshire;

It’s easy, BRAPA

Just to confuse you, BRAPA came to the Spotted Cow in Holbrook AFTER me and has already blogged about it. His post is much too long for me to read, of course.

Holbrook is eminently doable from Derby, as long as you don’t get distracted at Midland Station by the dozen GBG pubs within half a mile.


Folk who pay attention will have heard me raving about a certain pub in Holbrook that I cannot do justice to. Soon, soon.

Top 5 pub remains unblogged

A great place to walk, and not just between the pubs of the Amber Valley.

The view from Holbrook Hill

For the first time ever, I managed a trip to Holbrook without a stop at the Dead Poets (and a Mrs RM visit to Denby pottery shop)

I confess, I never thought I’d see the gastro Spotted Cow in the Guide ahead of the Poets and the Wheel.


Several things set the alarm bells running, don’t they ?

Fake cow, “community owned“, café, doggie drinking barrel…

Doggie barrel de rigeur

There also appears to be a beer festival in preparation. Hopefully they’ve saved that joy for BRAPA.

Oh look. All CAMRA boxes ticked. Prominent discount sign, jam jars, paddles of thirds for the undecided/terrified of beer, Locales blah blah blah.

At least they had ONE beer you’ve heard of.

Butty who ?

I surveyed the pub, and then saw I could have had it from the barrel. Why would they hide that sign?

Here’s what you could have had…


The Pedi was NBSS 3.5+, definite “snatch”, the sun shone, and mums played hide and seek behind the wall with their joyful offspring.

Si will love it, I thought.



  1. I suppose that the dog facilities’ being outdoors at least stops the mutt-besotted from asking for them indoors…but then again, maybe it doesn’t.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It definitely doesn’t.

      But perhaps an unlimited ice cream vending machine outside would do the trick for children (mind, I like to see children in pubs. They’re the future of cask, you know).


  2. Was there for a game last season and noticed the beer festival signs. It was great and a right good mix of clientele. Was pleased it made it into GBG. Well done on finishing Derbyshire – not an easy county. Hope the SA sale is going well (not Skull Attack).


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