Walthamstow is a fairly unremarkable suburb of London, notable for it’s long-closed Racing Stadium and it’s highly regarded Labour MP.  In recent years it has seen some impressive modernisation that made a repeat visit unmissable when I was in the area at the weekend. The main areas of interest are the vibrant High Street market, the… Continue reading E17


One of my venues for catching up with ex-colleagues is the small Staffordshire town of Kinver.  It’s only a few miles from the Black Country towns of Wolverhampton and Dudley, with the affluence of the many attractive villages leading out to the Shropshire hills. Kinver is worth a visit for its wonderful National Trust caves, and… Continue reading KINVER


  Coventry is one of those cities, like Stoke, that the rest of the UK seem to miss the merits of. I must visit Cov twice a year, though it’s 15 years since I last saw football there. I’m spending a day there now with Mrs RM, waiting for our boys to exhaust their brains… Continue reading COV