Short posts or long posts ? Always short, one pub posts on here. That way if one of them is good and the other a duffer no-one is embarrassed. Sadly for Dave, there’s a lot of Craft coming up so he may wish to come back in six posts time (i.e. tomorrow).

Another day, another Welsh “Taxi for Pubmeister” adventure. I met Duncan at the Iris Hotel, which I’d managed to get £3 cheaper than the £29 Pubmeister rate because I’m a Booking.Com Vice President or something.


Duncan growled, but that was more because his ritual Saturday match had been called off for inexplicable reasons.

Image result for Muddy Football pitch

Still, £26/29 for a seafront room (overlooking the bins) with free street parking ain’t bad the week before Christmas. Sadly the hotel internet could only be accessed by climbing to the top of the Great Orme.


On these trips there’s a simple rule. No photos of me drinking orange juice captioned “Martin on the murk” to appear on Duncan’s blog, and I get a tick by finishing the dregs of his glass (Para 3.3 of Ch.45, Ticker Rules).

Colwyn Bay to start. I’ve never actually seen the bay, just a series of Victorian arcade and atmospheric looking chippies and caffs. And rogue apostrophes.

One of 37% of shops called Jones in Colwyn
Sweets securely locked away
Blod is a great Welsh name but needs an apostrophe off Toffeeworld


It took me five minutes to find free parking at 7pm, and there’s no way I’m paying 50p to park, so I’d dropped Duncan outside Black Cloak and rather assumed he’d be out within two minutes.

Ten minutes later, I found him working his way through a flight !

Man top left upset he’s not allowed any more Celebrations

It was only July (ah, July) I was here pre-emptively and declaring this craft bar lovely but in need of custom. Tonight it was standing room only, so be careful what you wish for.

Duncan used big words to describe the beers, I had a sip of the Porter but to be honest a sniff would have told you this was quality.

Enough of the new, back to the Old.

11 thoughts on “DOING THE COLWYN CRAWL

  1. “And rogue apostrophes”.
    But from all your time in Wales have you seen a Jone’s for Jones ?
    The acute accent from Café could be used as the apostrophe missing from Blod’s.
    The dark blue one from Toffeeworld wouldn’t show up on black.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Had a good chuckle at your”rogue apostrophes” line.

    Duncan orders flights?! And here I was thinking I understood the “Code of Pub Tickers.” It seems you’re allowed to make your own decisions in these matters, which is terribly disappointing to those of us who want to see you all as a monolithic tribe. Next I’ll be hearing one of you has become a fan of Coldplay. 😉


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