Anything was going to be a bit of an anticlimax after the Black Boy, but the Caernarfon GBG newbie was, excitingly, hard to find down the tiny streets off the castle walls.

Bar Bach

Not yet a pub
Not here either

Ah, here it is.

“Smallest bar in Wales” apparently.

Bar Bach

That probably says more about the paucity of micros in Wales than anything else.

Bar Bach (“little bar”) doesn’t feel that small. It’s big enough for telly and couples and children, after all.


A set of Bass handpumps promised much,


but actually it was just a locals bar, with everyone on lager.


And there’s nothing wrong with that.

“Lively” say my extensive notes.

Some more of the Cwrw brewery beer that gets everywhere.


And something called “Seidr” that I guess is Welsh for milkshake sour DIPA.


It’s never a great sign when the ale is served in a Guinness glass, is it ?


But the beer from Llyn was OK, and a Christmas jumper fuelled atmosphere hard to argue with.

I spent five minutes surveying the Mirror Christmas Guide, noted the absence of the BRAPA Goes To Newark Special, and decided I’d be listening to LBC over the holiday period.


    1. The Black Boy is in the 2020 Guide. This one was showing the footy on the telly when I went on (Community Shield?) and so is hardly your classic micro.

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  1. A bar in Caernarfon “with everyone on lager” getting in the GBG doesn’t really surprise me.
    I got round quite a few Caernarfon pubs when staying at the Anglesey Arms a few years ago and very very little cask beer was being sold. And I’ve found Aberystwyth and several other Welsh towns to be no better..

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      1. Sadly, after the death of Richard, disappearance of the Prof and hibernation of Russ I’ve had to lay off Emilia and Hugo on my team.

        Not only did Emilia collect the subs, she also came up with the funny titles

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      2. TWM,
        “folks drinking lager at nil cost” reminds me of a “craft” brewery giving it away in Leeds city centre.

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  2. Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss are writing “BRAPA – Caught Short In Newark” as we type. It’ll be ready for Xmas 2020. The question is – will the viewing public be?

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      1. Caernarfon’s Market Hall Brew Pub was a bit of a barn of a place resembling a nightclub when I was there and not only because everyone else was drinking lager.


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