April 2023.

Thank you GBG23, for giving me a first visit to Coventry since Christmas 2018, bar a (failed) pre-emptive at the Ricoh.

Has Cov changed much ?

Well, blimey. Where has all this building work north of town come from ?

Can it all be student accommodation, like in Sheffield ?

Dunno. But it certainly feels a more modern city than the grotty gem of the ’90s.

And they’ve even got those bikes you buy by the hour and then dump in the canal (possibly).

And now they’ve even got a Proper micropub, built into the row of mens clothing shops.

Some really cheery drinkers in here, a really pubby place.

Are these all famous sons of Cov ?

Lovely staff, and one of the best selections of pub snacks in a micro yet.

A super rich Blackjack (NBSS 3.5+). Blimey, micros getting it right all the time this year.

OK, some will gripe at the Unisex loos (not me, to be honest),

but some folks are probably scared by the frog in the urinal. Deal with it.


  1. Not worried about a frog in the urinal. I did however once find a toad on the underpants which I had discarded at the side of the bed the night before. Mrs B was not expecting a cry of “THERE’S A TOAD ON MY UNDERPANTS!”


  2. I think it was 2012 when I last visited Cov. My memory says it was Southern Water but net says Severn Trent. Either way. It was representing work.

    There was a very old pub, the Whitefriars, where I spent my stipend. Eggs and chips was about £2.40, which meant I had free run of the bar for five pints. The handpumps were lined up in strength order which seemed very clever.

    I hear the building is now there but currently a restaurant, probably selling pickled quail eggs or octopus with foraged nettles for £15 per bite.

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      1. Similar to Ye Olde Murenger in Newport or Boot in Chester. You go there for because the Germans missed it, but the beer is also good.

        I wish I had somewhere similar in Stockton 🙂

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    1. Spinko, The Whitefriars is sadly no more, closed a few years back, and is still boarded up.

      It is one of the oldest buildings in the city, and wasn’t a pub before it became The Whitefriars in the noughties , Sorely missed.

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  3. The rapidity with which Two Tone was stamped out by the establishment arbiters of musical fashion shows just how brilliant it was, I’d say.

    Never mind, we’ve still got whatever rap’s called these days…

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  4. It’s true, they are destroying half of the high street, to open it up to the river and view which Head Wrightson previously ironed out.

    You might also be able to see, from town, while having a banked Bass, where Margaret went for her Walk in the Wilderness.

    How’s that for an invite…

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