One for Life After Football now. I don’t know if he ever played at the Ricoh,

but if he did his cultured clearances could have gone over the top of the Jimmy Hill statue (is it still there ?) and ended up in the lane comprising Hales Industrial Estate.

DO NOT PARK THERE, even on non-match days. but instead walk from Longford and explore an authentic ’80s themed industrial estate, including panel beaters and a brewery celebrating the Tottenham-beating Sky Blues. I appreciate that Cov isn’t ALL about 1987, but it sometime feels like it.

Dhillon’s Tap is only open at weekends, there being no matches at the Ricoh, even the weird shaped ball variety.

I hope it gets in the GBG sometime, and not just to make life tricky for BRAPA. Nearby Byatt’s Tap made it a while ago, and this is just as much fun.

A riot of colour, barrels and musical references, most of them between 1979 and 1981.

Modern and classy, it felt a cross between that Clash themed bar in Rugby and the Brum place that never opens (narrows it down). Stafford Paul would hate it, to be fair.

A very jolly chap, probably the brewer but certainly the bloke in charge of the playlist, did the Covid stuff and gave me a scary menu.

What do you normally drink ?

Er, beer ?”

The Amber on cask was cool and frothy (NBSS 3/3.5), but I have to tell you that Mrs RM got the best of this deal with the tinnies.

The hazy Fair Lady was good, but the Red Rebel was stunning, one of the best things I’ve nearly drunk before Mrs RM stole it back all year.

Seems that a few Co-ops stock it, which confirms my view that Co-ops are the best place to shop in the UK.

Anyway, get to Cov now.

22 thoughts on “GHOST TOWN

      1. Aye, Two-Tone, one of the shortest but best musical fashions that we had. It was too good to last.

        Rap, hip-hop, grime, call it what you will, started somewhere in the 1970s as I recall, and is still with us on the other hand.

        Bless it.

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  1. Those “what do you normally…?” questions can be tricky, when you like variety.

    Mrs. E. and I once booked into a farmhouse bed and breakfast. We were on our way out for an evening meal when the proprietress stopped us to ask “What do you have for breakfast?”. “Oh don’t worry, we’ll come down and any of the usual things will be fine, I’m sure” I said. “Yes, but what do you have?” she went on. Depending on how much we ate and drank that evening I’d have preferred to have left my options open, but that wasn’t on offer, apparently. So we ordered a full English each with wholemeal toast. We could always have left what we didn’t want…


    1. Oh, and with you on that. Once checked in a dreadful Worthing B&B. They gave me a slip of paper that I read in Brighton; it said “You must complete this slip listing your breakfast and stick it in the box by 8pm or there is none”. It was inedible, anyway. If you’re getting up to cook breakfast at 7am it can’t be hard to be flexible.


  2. Hi Martin – you had me with the Specials street art there. Dhillons definitely climbing a few places up my hitlist now, never quite managed to get there with the opening hours although I have at least done the Byatts place. I’d forgotten about the Jimmy Hill statue so I hope it is still in place while the Sky Blues continue their lodgings at Beermat’s beloved St Andrews. Cheers, Paul

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  3. I had never heard of the Ricoh stadium until Rammstein were scheduled to play there this year -fortunately my husband declared that he couldn’t face going to Coventray to have his ears assaulted & eyebrows singed ,so I have yet to grace this fair city.


  4. Fantastic!!! I never actually played at the Ricoh but that bar is a cracker. Pool table, lacings and there anything else you need from a pub/tap?
    However, I can confirm when I was an official has-been at Nuneaton a few of my cultured ‘channel balls’ did in fact reach the Ricoh – via Beduff of course.
    Lovely stuff

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  5. Jumping in on your last post for the 8th and see how it goes from there. Plus, you mentioned LAF so had to take a peek. πŸ™‚

    “I appreciate that Cov isn’t ALL about 1987, but it sometime feels like it.”

    Granted 1987 was in the middle of a wicked outbreak of measles in the U.S.A. but I didn’t know Covid had anything to do with that.

    Oh, you were talking about COVentry. My bad. πŸ˜‰

    “Stafford Paul would hate it, to be fair.”

    Can’t say I like their cavalier attitude towards grammar in the writing on the wall in the photo below. πŸ™‚

    “but the Red Rebel was stunning, one of the best things I’ve nearly drunk before Mrs RM stole it back all year.”

    A possible conversion from cask to cans?

    “Anyway, get to Cov now.”

    Thanks but not ready to become part of the herd immunity just yet.

    Oh, wait… πŸ™‚



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