April 2023.

Well, possibly. Is it possible to redeem Maidenhead ?

Just as importantly, is it possible to redeem Wagner ? Mumsnet is in meltdown tonight;

Go straight to the foot of the page to hear the latest.

The 25 minutes walk from Maidenhead Station to GBG newbie the North Star is as terrifying as the 9 hours on a hard wooden seat watching The Ring cycle in Bayreuth.

Look closely, and see how close the North Star is to Windsor Castle and the Wetherspoons in Slough, those two symbols of Empire.

The North Star is another of the building blocks of Great Britain,

the back street community pub with ACV status whose Facebook features the pub’s clientele waving at a drone, underneath a Maidenhead flag.

It was a wonderful pub.

Outside, children organised a fundraiser for Brain Research, inside the telly was ignored by professional drinkers and lovely staff called you “darling” and you could almost forget you were in Maidenhead at all.

It was so busy I had to take my Tim Taylor Landlord into the side room where children, teddy bear, chocolate and Prosecco collide.

I don’t know exactly why, but the joy was infectious, and I’m going to resist mentioning Maidenhead’s red light area, grim underpasses and terrifying multi-storey on this occasion.

Anyhow, let’s see how Mumsnet are getting on with the Wagner question..


  1. No don’t do Leicestershire it’s boring just Gary Lineker and all that stuff is it this Friday the Doom bar tour?

    Ogie Ogie Ogie
    Doom Doom Doom

    Give us a D
    Give us an O
    Give us an O
    Give us a M

    What have you got?



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