Sheffield CAMRA AGM to offer guided tours of “Good” Doom Bar venues

Well, the end of another fun month, and April brings with it both endless sunshine (where I’m going, anyway) and the return of the CAMRA Members Weekend to Sheffield.

I need to get my volunteering form in. I think I’ll focus on the setting up and putting paper in plastic bags jobs as otherwise I’ll end up on the members bar or counting votes about the definition of “craft” or something similarly complicated.

But, as it’s my hometown now, I will also be offering delegates a curated tour of the officially “good” Doom Bar venues in town.

Look, here’s one chap who I know will be interested;

This tour is for you, Mr Mudge, and anyone else terrified by the sound of cucumber saisons at the Members’ Bar. Meet me outside the station at 5pm on Friday; wear sensible footwear and your “We’re Doomed” T-shirt for easy identification.

Sadly, the Sheffield Tap ISN’T putting on Doom Bar especially for delegates in need of the UK’s favourite cask beer, which seems very short-sighted to me,

but the Globe, Graduate and Bankers Draught (don’t forget your CAMRA vouchers) have promised to lay on the special “white label” version for us. Your 6 pints (2 in each) should cost you no more than ¬£13.27.

You’ll noticed I’ve added an (optional) stop at the Brown Bear where you can take photos of a classic Sam Smiths boozer and phone your loved ones to tell them you got to Sheffield safe.

Talking of your loved ones, I know many of you will wish to see Sheffield’s version of the Rijksmuseum, the wall of Fagan’s just west of the Bankers Draught.

and if there’s insufficient interest in the (Good) Doom Bar tour I might suggest we just head there.

They have a craft beer on you might like.

Happy Doom Bar Day to those who celebrate.

8 thoughts on “Sheffield CAMRA AGM to offer guided tours of “Good” Doom Bar venues

  1. “Meet me outside the station at 5pm on Friday”
    So Stockport depart 3.54pm, Sheffield arrive 4.35pm should be about right.
    I can’t wait.

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  2. Hey this looks good I’ll be bringing the Ripley lads up for this and we will try and get in the CAMRA thing as well if there’s a free beer but are not members but we will give it a try we will be on the Alfreton train which gets in at 445pm so see you at 5pm you will hear us before you see us chanting as we get off the train

    We don’t do craft and we don’t do Bass
    We don’t do sandals and we don’t do beards
    We are the Ripley Doom boys
    Ogie Ogie Ogie
    Doom Doom Doom

    See yers Friday

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    1. I’m not sure you’re treating Martin’s blog with the seriousness it deserves. He devotes hours to the careful composition of each post – whenever he can get off gardening duty.

      Anyway, “Doom Doom Doom” to you too!

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