3rd March 2023.

In 2019 Pub Curmudgeon wrote of the Vaults in his admirably concise manner,

perhaps Uttoxeter’s classic pub. A narrow, shop-like frontage conceals a pub of great character running a long way back from the street. There’s a front bar area where most of the drinkers seem to gather, a middle room with a devil amongst the tailors game

and reading that four years on has given me an idea for a future blog title.

Last time in Uttoxeter I stopped for quinoa and soda in Spoons and an admiring glance at THOSE windows,

but I couldn’t actually remember the last time I’d been in. Must be 20 years ago.

A 2pm opening, to coincide with lunchtime closure of the Black Swan, apparently.

It was already filling up when the Paul, Will and I arrived at 10 past 2.

Mudgie had been much taken by the old photo of the five Bass pumps,

The inevitable gentrification had clearly taken hold, as they had an obscure guest beer on;

Actually, it might have been off. Things were hazy by then. But I knew this was (still) a great pub.

I found a long bench seat in the middle room. Now, pay attention, you may get a question about this later.

Sometimes there’s no need for words, is there ?

Mudgie had noted this conversational gem in 2019;

“There’s no point in having Challenge 25 in here,” said the barmaid, “you wouldn’t even need Challenge 50!”

If Leon had tipped up he’d certainly have come in below the latter bar, but I don’t think he did, so why I bought another pint of Bass for him is one of life’s mysteries.

And if you think that’s the last of the Vaults, you’d be wrong…

14 thoughts on “TOP 100 PUBS – THE VAULTS, UTTOXETER

  1. Did they still have the jamjars to show people what colour the Bass was, as they did in 2019?

    I also recall from 2019, not mentioned on my blog, an overhead conversation including “and he had to have injections in his stomach!” Nothing beats a good discussion of ailments.

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      1. Ram Jam Inn Circa 1965 for you then, Bill. That or the then Pig Of Lead on the biker’s route to Matlock Bath, the A6 from Derby and Nottingham.

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  2. Gosh, the beer must have gone to your head more than I realised at the time. I have a photo of Leon in the Vaults (don’t know how to add it to your blog so I’ll send it to you by other means).

    You went to the bar to buy halves and came back with pints. I don’t know if this constitutes a statement of how irresistible the beer was, or just a sign of how appreciative of its quality you had become.

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    1. Well that’s very unsettling Will.

      I messaged Leon at 2.59 to tell him we were in the Vaults and I’d bought him a pint. At 3.06 he replied “am in Night”.

      Had he been in the Vaults then nipped out ? Why are there only ever 3 glasses on the table ?


      1. My photo is timed at 14:20, so I guess it’s possible that you weren’t actually in the Vaults when you texted Leon.

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