TWO (2) posts about a pub I only spent an hour in ? First time I’ve done that since the breweriana overload of the Hyde Park in Plymouth.

It just wasn’t possible to whittle my photos down to a dozen in the first blog, so I missed out one of my favourite shots of the year so far.

In the absence of coherent any notes, the Vaults visits raised a number of unanswered questions;

1.What does the beer board show (pints of Bass drunk ?), and what is Jackie’s secret ?

2. What tune was Will playing on the piano ?

As a Watford fan, I’m guessing it was a deep cut off “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road“.

3. Did we really play that game of Devils among the tailors” (always thought it was table skittles) and why did we leave one standing ?

4. “Did the still have those silly jam jars on the bar ?” ask Pub Curmudgeon. I had to check, but apparently not. Progress.

5. Was the Bass really THAT good ?

Let the photo reveal,

and the fact (Will tells me) I insisted on having a second pint.

6. So, why on earth did we leave ?

Oh yes, we had a micropub new to the Beer Guide to tick.



      1. In 1988 I visited the Cambridge Folk Festival where a young lady watching 10,000 Maniacs wore a T shirt saying “Take risks. You can win as well as lose”.

        That T shirt changed my life.

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  1. I’m guessing the Beer Board shows pints in the pumps, bought in advance for regulars who weren’t there at the time. Good to learn that Doom Bar contains malted barley, though.

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  2. What a fantastic post! Great pub and one of few worthy of two posts – have you been to the Rifleman Arms in Belper?
    An absolute classic

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      1. Oh yes. I was going to take you there when we did Belper last year (was it last year?) but you decided to catch an early train home. Something to do with it not being in the Good Beer Guide, I seem to remember.

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  3. Dave,
    I’m too old for “the allure of the unknown”.

    There was a Rifleman in Stafford noted only for its “Parkers of Burslem” windows.

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    1. Indeed, Paul.

      The universe is made of matter. It can take many forms – landscapes, buildings, animals, food, etc.

      After you’ve seen a few dozen of each, well, you sort of get the idea…


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