27th February 2023.

Our last day in Greece, and time to treat Mrs RM (I know !).

Yes, it’s a two (2) mile walk to the Gas Museum, what gal wouldn’t like that.

Situated in Technopolis, a Greek Kelham Island in the west of town, via the network of shops in central Athens.

One street is full of shops selling pyjamas, another sells rope,

yet another door knobs, this one focuses on dusters,

and finally there’s a street where the pub ticker can buy his/her pub mascot.

West of town is a mix of flashy breweries and crumbling buildings,

and a complex which includes a tour of the gas works and one dedicated to Maria Callas.

There a huge entrance fee of 1 euro, but that seems only to apply to guided tours so we self-guide our way around the pipes, dodging groups of entranced school children.

In the smart cafe I have my only authentic Greek coffee of the trip, and somehow force it down.

Across the road there’s a tiny embroidery museum where excited staff speak to us in French.

We nod politely then head to the trendy cafe called Kirios Who, where Mrs RM shows her deep ignorance of the Wu Tang Clan as we wait for sensational smoothies.

Despite the obvious appeal of the urn of scared Bass, we save our drinking for our last night in Athens.

I apologise if it’s not Bass in that urn. Could be Doom Bar, I guess.


  1. Are visits to industrial museums compulsory in the Taylor household? Or do you just have a knack of sniffing them out?

    ps. I can’t be bothered to look them up, so who or what are Wu Tang? 🙂

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