27th February 2023.

Having climbed the Acropolis we returned our attention to Pubmeister’s authorative (bar the lack of kebab reviews) Guide to Athens Craft.

You left us on the rooftop of this bar which I can’t find on Google maps because it’s all Greek to me (must use that as a title).

Vast beer hall, really smart. Nice loos too.

I could do a whole post on Greek pub toilets. Perhaps I’ll wait till the next lockdown.

We headed off towards Monastiraki Square, the Piccadilly Gardens of Athens.

Or perhaps its Shoreditch.

The clock on Beer Time is an hour fast, possibly to convince you that you’ve missed Happy Hour, which runs from 4pm to 5pm.

They’ve corrected it inside though.

Honestly, who has tea in Athens at 4pm ?

English people a bit shocked by 8.50 euros a half litre, I guess. They gave us 2-for-1, anyway.

Better value than a half of Guinness;

surely the biggest % mark-up on a half in history ? Work it out in your heads.

I wish I’d brought one of those beer experts from CAMRA Discourse who can definitively tell what is “Good beer” and what “is not Good beer“. They’d have been able to say something more eloquent than “the house pale and the Strange Brew Mandy Black Export Stout were gorgeous“. But they were.

As was the Yemista, a sort of vegetarian moussaka that barely cost more than the beer.

No-one else joined us in Happy Hour; I don’t think drinkers get out of bed till 9pm.

Loved this place, with its beer mat collection,

and hidden loos.


7 thoughts on “HAPPY HOUR AT BEER TIME

      1. With it at 40+C from 1100-1900 I was pretty happy to adapt to a 2200 start for an evening out in southern Europe. Took all of about a day.

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