18th February 2023.

A quick diversion off the A19 to Stokesley,

one of those beguilingly “nice” North Yorkshire small towns for people who are too frit to live in Middlesbrough (see also : Yarm, Guisborough, Great Ayton).

Stokesley is best known as the home of “Quorn”, but if they’ve a tasting rooms I couldn’t find them.

But we did find the Green Man, despite the inevitable lack of a sticky-outy sign on a micro, the bright green fontage guiding us in.

Odd place, tiny front room, very classy.

Two more local halves, both cool, rich and NBSS 3.5, for meistertaster Mrs RM,

who seemed more pleased with the WiFi.

That long trestle table is the only downstairs seating, which at least ensures you’ll talk to people like it’s 1995, but sadly we were (again) the only custom at 1pm on a Saturday, which Mrs RM resolved by chatting to the Landlord while I explore upstairs. You may not be aware, but 97% of people would rather stand outside a micropub in a storm, rather than be the first person to go and sit in the upstairs area, and that’s a fact.

I could Mrs RM saying “He’s done all the Beer Guide pubs” which is always cringeworthy, so I didn’t overstay my visit,

but I know Blackpool Jane would love the unisex loo with handbasin at the top as much as I did.


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