18th February 2023.

Everyone is going to Teesside in 2023, so why not us ?

On Saturday morning we picked a proper caravan site for our campervan between Stockton and Middlesbrough, the micropub capitals of the North, and headed up the M1.

Mrs RM has resigned herself to the fact that while I’m not actually doing the Beer Guide, I’m still doing the Beer Guide. Subtle difference.

And so it was that was that we diverted off the A168 and headed towards Northallerton, target South Otterington, whose pub is the only item of interest in what feels little more than hamlet.

The Otterington Shorthorn is named after an unfortunate medieval incident a type of cattle, but it’s the neighing of a horse we hear as we enter an otherwise empty pub.

There’s a menu of “Yorkshire Tapas” at the bar, featuring local favourites like squid and parmo, but the Landlord hastily tells us the menu isn’t available till 3pm, so we settle on crisps (confusingly, Piper’s Longhorn) and creme egg,

There’s a Theakston barrel top, apparently installed by her late Majesty,

so we have that and the house beer, and wait for something to happen.

It never quite does, but Mrs RM enjoys her two halves and cream egg under the fairy lights, and it’s certainly a well-kept little pub for its 347 residents, none of whom seem to want a pint on Saturday lunchtime, but would no doubt be pictured in the Northallerton Chronicle, outside the pub looking glum if the place ever looked like closing.

Having said that, as we leave Mrs RM notices “Reserved” signs on all the other tables; perhaps folk really do only come out later here, and we’re weird ? Don’t answer that.

9 thoughts on “LONGHORN, SHORTHORN

      1. My crossworder’s halfbrain tells me that it might also be pork, and have some connection with parmesan cheese.

        I might equally have dreamt that though.


      2. It refers to chicken parmigiana which uses mozzarella – not parmesan I read – and which is usually replaced by cheddar in parmo.

        Just the weather for it too.


      3. I had chicken momos yesterday, and for the last time as it’s the least favourite Nepalese food I’ve tried.


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