5th February 2023.

Back in Sheffield from the Peak District, I was just about to turn my attention to the state of the garden (honest, Mrs RM) when fellow ticker Jim B (not the Beach Boys song messaged to say he was touring the area and would I like to join him for a pre-emptive wander.

Well, by coincidence an hour is all it takes the average walker to reach Two Thirds Beer Co on Abbeydale Road, leaving a minute to change into my best walking shoes.

Of course, most pub tickers aren’t average walkers, and it only took me a leisurely 41 minutes to make it, even taking in the scenic wonders of west Sheffield.

Two Thirds has been on my “To Do” list since pubs re-opened, boasting one of Sheff’s best craft options apparently.

It also still “offers” table service, a service I could really do without, thanks very much but of course businesses can run as they see best. While I was there the place went from near empty to near full, with groups of females the main trade.

Perhaps they come for the beer list. Mrs RM loves beer lists. She’s probably in Eindhoven right now, looking at one for breakfast.

I went for Arbor’s “My Little Sabrony“, simply because it says “A staff favourite“. I’m very shallow like that, but Arbor make very good murky beers so I win.

Jim* arrived from the Broadfield and was faced with the usual tickers dilemma; do I go for one of those nice craft beers or stick with the rather duller lone cask choice (Abbeydale) which GBG completists are expected to go for as the Guide only concerns itself with the One True Way etc etc.

Once you’ve done the Guide, you can drink as much murk as you like, of course.

That, alone, should be all the motivation my fellow completists need to get the Guide done.

*Jim is very shy, coming from Greenfield and all, so I’ve hid him behind the menu to preserve his anonymity.


  1. Popped in here a couple of weeks ago on a leisurely crawl around eight or nine of Sheffield’s finest. We liked all the others (and esp the Sheaf, Brothers, Dead Donkey, Rutland) more, but the quality throughout the city was sky high.

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