5th February 2023.

You left us in our campervan in Butterton, where the gas that heats the van ran out at the same time the frost descended.

Luckily, we had Baa Baa Toure AND Alfie the Alpca for warmth, but even then I woke with a frozen big toe, which made an ascent of the hills unlikely.

A crisp morning outside the Black Lion,

which if anything looks even better in daylight,

and where the pub cat guards the Bass.

15 minutes later we were warming up in Coffee #1 in Leek, where the Town Crier was warning of a foretold invasion by American pub tickers in Spring.

Another 20 minutes and we’d crossed the county lines into Cheshire, where Wincle awaited with its array of attractions.

It doesn’t need much; the area I think of as Macclesfield Forest is gorgeous enough, though my lone photo is a bit arty.

It also has a GBG entry that opens at 10am. On Sunday as well. Wow.

Compare and contrast with this mystery Guide pub in Lincolnshire that I’d planned to visit today till I saw it didn’t open until 19:30 on Saturdays.

That’s past Baa Baa’s bedtime, you know.

The Wincle Tap room is a cosy shed next to their tiny brewery,

with a couple of tables and a bench seat.

It’s all it needs, as most visitors were only popping in for a takeaway coffee and cake before their no doubt arduous walk.

Oooh, no, it’s too early for a beer” said one of the young bobble-hatted worthies standing at the bar with hiking pole.

With me somehow driving again, Mrs RM had no such reservations, enjoying a robust breakfast Porter (NBSS 4) with her coffee cake. Amazingly, the bottled 8% Imperial Stout has yet to be opened.

7 thoughts on “WHAT RHYMES WITH WINCLE ?

  1. That’s the prettiest set of tap room photos I’ve ever seen. Normally those places are pretty bleak. Real photos or did you get a kick back for marketing the place?


      1. Actually Dave, it started off as a picture of Ed Balls and partner dancing on “Strictly…”

        Photoshop is a wonder.


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