26th January 2023.

I’d have stayed even longer at Bradford Industrial Museum (an hour is a LONG time for me) but the artisanal cafe was a bit disappointing (a coffee machine with paper cups) and they wasn’t a section on brewing and pubs, just that Babycham exhibit.

So I walked back towards the Greedy Pig, realising just how vast the suburbs of north Bradford were up to Idle, and how little I know of “Springfield” and “All Alone” and “Five Lane Ends”.

When will they get a micro ?

Not much on Eccleshill’s main drag, bar an interesting church,

and Jok’s Bar, which with the words “ale house” and “free house” in the signage felt a certain pre-emptive,

but a quick look at Facebook scared me off, oddly.

Dunno why.

Then a reminder at the disused Ukrainian church that nothing is new.

The Royal Oak looked the best bet for a pre-emptive tick; solid, traditional and well-kept,

and with a Tim Taylor badge of honour on the wall.

I’ve no idea what the Champion Club actually means, but the Tim Taylor pumps were certainly gleaming as brightly as the drip tray.

Just a half of Landlord (£1.85) enhoyed in a treasure trove of bench seating and Chiquitita, which I always spell wrong.

A dozen in just before the Golden Hour, and I felt a bit unsociable sitting on my own sipping a half* (unchilled, tasty, 3+), but another couple joined me to lessen my embarrassment a bit.

But then someone put on “Think Twice“, and it was time to leave.

*Beer always tests better in pints but no-one wants to be waiting for, or on, a bus looking for a comfort break.


  1. One of my mates at University lived in Eccleshill. His father ran one of the 5 Tetley pubs on the high street back in the 1980’s. Cedric my mates father (known universally by his regulars as “El Ced”) kept a superb pint. The secret, really no secret at all, just two ales on Tetley Bitter and Tetley Mild and a huge turnover, a 72 gallon barrel rarely lasted more than a day without being drunk.


    1. Blimey ! 72 gallons ? That’s nearly an armful.

      There used to be some superb Tetley pubs in north Bradford, Greengates springs to mind. I also recall a pub in Southport (Cheshire Lines ?) which had two unmarked pumps serving Tets Bitter and Mild in huge quantities into the early 2000s.

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      1. Sorry Martin, I miscalculated. They were 36 gallon barrels (of course they were).

        El Ced was a bit of a character. He once took a hang glider as a payment for a bar tab. He and his mates tried the hang glider on Baildon Moor without any tuition and nearly broke their necks. A few days later there was a big storm and the Hang Glider disappeared. Blown away apparently (or stolen). A mystery that West Yorkshire police were never able to unravel.

        If you ever wondered where Roy Clarke got his material for Last of the Summer Wine. now you know.


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