25th January 2023.

My eldest lad lives mere yards from one of the UK’s best pubs.

I reckon he could get to the Blake Hotel in a minute from his front door; another five would see him inside the Blind Monkey.

If I couldn’t say the same myself, in reverse, I’d be jealous of him. “Youth is wasted on the young“, as Dylan probably sang on his latest album of outtakes.

Since moving in a couple of years ago he’s shown a few visiting mates round Sheffield’s famed pubs. Before the Delgados gig we failed to get a seat in the Rutland I told him the Blake was one of the UK’s top pubs; he’d only been in twice. Both times with us on Christmas Day.

The love for the Blake runs deep, assuming you can climb the hill.

Officially, I’m only allowed to visit when Will is in there, but realising I was already late home I thought I’d better make myself even later.

The only real criticism of the Blake I can make is that the Neepsend beers keep changing and I can never pronounce any of them so always end up giggling while the barman corrects me.

Anyhow, it’s pronounced “Vrhnika”, apparently, and it’s crystal clear, cool and crisp. Sheffield has more places where you’ll find NBSS 4 or better beer than any other city in the world and the hill I’ll die on.

I really ought to have dashed, but a charming chap on the bar stool engaged me in an entertaining conversation concerning the number of murders you’d have to commit before it becomes addictive. Sheffield is SO educational.

And, apropos of nothing, may the Blake never change.

10 thoughts on “CRYSTAL CLEAR

  1. After all the photos of unclear beers I was beginning to think there was something wrong with your camera, but a visit to the Blake soon puts an end to that theory.

    The owner of the Blake Hotel and the Sheaf View has sold those two pubs – effective from the beginning of December, so the manager at the Wellington told me. They both appear to be unchanged so far. Let’s wait and see.

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  2. I’m pretty sure I order more beers by “a pint of that one” and pointing. Having never been the other side of the bar, I don’t actually know what description is offered to the pourer…

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