20th January 2023.

Yes, ANOTHER Friday spent at home; what is going on at 2023.

But I had good reason to stay put, and in any case Sheffield was now the most popular place on earth according to Time Out, which I appreciate none of you have read since about 2002.

To be honest it’s 20 years since I’d last bought a newspaper, and the Sheffield Star wasn’t able to tempt me back with its heavy focus on football injuries and nostalgia, though have I signed up for Sheffield’s on-line Tribune, which seems a bit more in-depth.

In 2023 my news comes from MumsNet and Blue Moon and my cultural updates from BRAPA.

Talking of whom;

Yes, Simon had finally made it to the Blind Monkey, 20 seconds from my front (other approximate timings available for other household members). It took us 20 minutes to join them, as Mrs RM had to perform an emergency deep clean in case there was a BRAPA inspection of our en-suite toilet.

The arrival of my local in the new Good Beer Guide last October (doubling our house value overnight) was a bit of a surprise given the intense competition for places.

What would Simon and Bernard and Oscar (a noted Beer Smellier with his nose) make of it ?

I never thought it would be the hot dogs that let them down. Who eats hot dogs (apart from me at St Mary’s the week before) ?

Always great to catch up with Bernard aka Daddy BRAPA, a true saint for ferrying Simon around and a really lovely man who really should have won BRAPA Person of the Year instead of me but sadly there’s no room for sentiment here.

Mrs RM shared a veggie pizza (the meaty meat feast with extra meat is the one to go for) and we drank some stout and a pint of Ashover that was pretty perfect, so I reckon the new GBG made the right call.

We’ll probably have to wait till March for Simon’s verdict.


  1. A few years ago, gourmet hot dogs were tipped to be The Next Big Thing in street/pub food. Never really took off, probably too many memories of really dodgy ones outside football grounds. How come they always smell so good and taste so vile?

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