10th January 2023.

It had cost me £4.50 for my ticket from Saints Airport to Winchester (bargain evening return, well done South Western), so I felt I HAD to sneak in one before rescuing Mrs RM from spreadsheets and questions about “receivables”.

As luck would have it, the train was delayed just long enough to justify a quick half pint in the Albion across the road.

25 years ago we’d spent a weekend here and been surprised how pubby the GBG entries were; the Albion is virtually unchanged.

Classic Hampshire small corner pub style,

beer under £4, big dog just where you want to sit, blokes at the bar but at least not blocking you.

Lovely place, enlivened by the women in charge debating the best way to get to Middlesbrough “Follow signs for the North“.

The Flowerpots Bitter is cool and rich and chewy (Blackpool Jane knows what I mean), NBSS 3+ I guess.

It’s quiet, which means you can follow the debate about the price of scratchings, and you don’t need Dire Straits in EVERY pub, do you ?

I stay for a half of the stronger Goodens Gold, even better, and there’s clearly just enough trade at 6pm to keep the pumps tickinbg over, possibly with blokes like me missing the odd train.

The artwork in the Gents leaves a bit to be desired, mind.

What’s all that about ?

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