10th January 2023.

We didn’t really explore Eastleigh, of course. I did that back in 2019 and once was enough.

Nope, just a 3 minute train ride from Southampton airport,

and a 3 minute walk over the bridge,

and a five minute wait to cross the road to Steam Town, the only GBG entry in a town of 24,011 and seemingly set to stay that way for ever.

I picked this because they had comfort food and strong IPAs. And old railway seating.

But that was all taken, good to see on a Tuesday evening in January. Luckily Mrs RM dived to nab the table near the door as a couple of left. That’s when she’s at her most lethal.

It’s a youthful place, with eclectic soundtrack,

and their homebrew keg taps on the wall.

Their beers are decent enough, but they could do with the odd 10% Imperial Stout or two for folk like us.

Really cheery young staff, and a menu of good value “dirty” burgers at decent prices for affluent Hampshire.

The Korean one was particularly good; Mrs RM didn’t have the sweet potato fries as she was always going to nick mine.

The only slight downer came from the TV on the wall showing what appeared to be sheep being castrated, which sent Baa Baa into a bit of a tizz.

Lovely diner with beer, and far better value than the Spoons over the road.

Particularly since I’d left my vouchers at home.

5 thoughts on “EAST OF EASTLEIGH

  1. A very accurate summation in my (less than humble) opinion: both of Eastleigh and Steam Town. Though slightly disappointed by the lack of Benny Hill references – was once a milkman there… and there’s a plaque, and a new road called Benny Hill Close, in the town centre to prove it. Missed opportunity I feel.

    Wait three years to get there, to tick off Silverlake Stadium more than the pub, but the pub was definitely the better tick: 2020 it would have been our very next match, when season curtailed; 2021 no fans allowed; 2022 TICK for both.

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      1. Ha, my bad (as assume the kidz no longer say). Yep, thoroughly milked (see what I did there?) the Mr B Hill references back in 2019!

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      2. Ooh, well done, Sir !

        You see I put a lot more effort in that 2019 post than this one. Traumatised by the castrated sheep (apparently it wasn’t really but almost put me off my burger).


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