10th January 2023.

What will you have to write about once you catch up on the blog ?” asks Mrs RM.

Well, last night I visited the pub nearest England’s newest new road (big prize for working that out) for Dizzy Blonde and pork scratchings. Don’t worry about lack of material.

A week ago, we’d travelled virtually vertically from Sheffield to Southampton, well under 4 hours on a good day.

Mrs RM had to spend a day sorting IT issues from a Premier Inn at Southampton Airport, I had the task of ticking a few pubs on the Hampshire coast and cheering City into the League Cup semi-finals before we took the campervan for its “habitation check”.

But on Tuesday evening, with the nearest tickable pub seemingly undoable on public transport, I settled on an old favourite just eight minutes away by train;

Lots of guesses, all wrong. I should have given you a pic of the station underpass as a clue;

God loves a good guesser, even if they have a weird idea of a “middling” cathedral city.

(Oh, there’s your spoiler).

Yes, Winchester, home to Doom Bar showpiece the Eclipse, and much besides.

I always forget the Albion across from the station, winking at you.

It’s a damp Tuesday night, and scrolling What Pub for any new pubs is frustrating and fruitless.

It was very quiet, even the Spoons.

You remember the Spoons, don’t you ?

One of the UK’s most affluent towns, but the central dining pubs were deserted. In 2016 I’d noted that Winchester seemed incredibly busy mid-week, but that was the end of August. Perhaps they take Dryanuary seriously here.

I set out to take the worst possible photo of the Cathedral,

and I think I succeeded.

Loads of photo opportunities in the Eclipse; oak beams, folk nights, Doom Bar….


Well, at least I hadn’t made a special trip.

The words “new look” and “free of tie” strike terror in the heart, don’t they ? I envisage that re-opening with Andwell and Langham on the bar. No offence intended (actually, all offence intended).

What do you think ? Will Doom Bar become the new Bass, everyone raving about it but never in stock due to “supply issues” ?


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