No Dry January In Aldridge.

Another great slice of Walsall life from Evo.
Read on his blog here:

Evo Boozy Scribbler

I wasn’t really feeling Friday night. My back was hurting and I felt rubbish. One female colleague had commented on the day that I looked awful and another chipped in that I looked like death warmed up. But the first Friday of January is always what we call the quiz team night out. We’ve not been a quiz team since 2011, but we keep this tradition up and the 4 lads I was meeting up with easily go into the top 10 list of my longest standing friends, we don’t see each other often enough so despite feeling crap. I wasn’t missing this.

As is standard procedure upon leaving work the music went straight on and the first song was “Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine” by The Killers. Talk about needing an anthem to start the weekend and getting one. I stopped by McDonald’s for a toffee latte and…

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