19th December 2022.

Enough of Mrs RM, it was almost MY birthday now.

To warm up I took a look at my GBG spreadsheet (really ought to blog about that) and found to my horror the ONLY new Beer Guide entry I could do was in Bradford. And even that didn’t open ’till 16:00. What’s wrong with the world ?

Well, folk drinking from cans on trains, for a start.

Not even cans of Doom Bar Extra, either.

Living in Sheffield brings nights out in Bratfud, centre of the curry world, within easy reach (1:10 hours via L***s), and I reckon it’s a city worth wider exploration,

both the suburbs and the centre.

Look ! They were expecting me !

Actually, that sign at the station is for Duncan Mackay, the Uni’s most noteworthy alumni.

But Duncan rarely explores the beauty of Bradford on his own blog, preferring to big up remote Ayrshire villages. I reckon I’ve blogged more about the city than any other outside Sheffield.

I guess you need a certain mindset to enjoy the hustle and bustle, the colour and the dereliction of West Yorkshire’s premier city (sorry, Wakefield).

Although the new shopping centre has brought the brands (including German Kebab Kitchen), it’s still too quiet in mid-December,

which gives you the opportunity to stand in the middle of the street photographing ghost signs.

These days nearly all the pubs folk visit are in North Parade, a bit like everyone gravitates towards Mill Road in Cambridge or that grid of micros in Middlesbrough.

I’m relieved, but surprised, the Boar & Fable is actually open, as several of the other GBG entries are shut Mondays.

At least, it’s open once the cheery bloke puts the tables and chairs outside on the pavement.

There’s a reason why he puts the tables up outside at 4pm on a dull overcast day and I’m sure it made perfect sense at the time, possibly something to do with Feng Shui.

Look, it’s a modern craft bar-cum-micro. How can I possibly write about that ?

You don’t even need to know the Chairman Miaow by Bini (Doom Bar was off) was a majestically murky NBSS 4.

A Ray Reardon photo on the wall, Maximo Park on the stereo,

a group of lads at the bar talking beer. Much to admire, and if I’d stayed for a second pint I might have loved it.

Perhaps the lacings will sway you, too.


      1. Yes I’d agree with that. Cock & Bottle and Prospect of Bradford also lost in the last decade or so, but still a good pub town. I haven’t been in the Sam Smiths pub for 10 years !


    1. This certainly was, though I rather suspect I won’t see their beers again all year, which is the problem for small breweries these days. You’ll never see the same beer twice on the bar of “specialist” pubs that rely on rotation.

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      1. I am sure you are correct. Bini do some good beers, but their output is tiny. You would probably have to do a tour of Ilkley to see their stuff again. It is on regularly in The Flying Duck, Friends of Ham (Ilkley) and Fuggle and Golding. They even open the brewery on occasions, the next time being 21st and 22nd January.

        Cheers. Robin

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